Pokémon Go is an addictive game that is a serious smartphone juice buster, and the constant glancing at your device’s screen for a possible Pokéstop or Pokémon is a serious threat to an otherwise danger-free walk. The solution is Pokémon Go for WatchOS, or third-party hack for Android Wear, but what if you don’t have a smartwatch? Well, fret not, cos’ there’s the Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus Wearable. And no, it is not a smartwatch from Nintendo, but it could very well be better than a smartwatch to hardcore Pokémon Go addicts.

Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus Wearable

It does not have a screen; all there is to it is a tiny Google Maps Pin shape device dressed in the familiar red and white Pokéball color, along with a button right smack in the middle. Paired it with the latest Pokémon Go game and the device will notify you, through vibration and specific color LED light, when you are close to a Pokéstop or a Pokémon. If you are too lazy to pull out your smartphone, you can choose to throw a Pokéball just by pressing the button and if it is a successful catch, the wearable will flashes and vibrates. Similarly, when you are within range of a Pokéstop, a tap on the button lets you collect game expendables without turning to your smartphone.

Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus Wearable

Also, with Pokémon Go Plus Wearable, you can, for the first time, let the game take a backseat (i.e. running in the background) and go on with your running or walking, and the distance you covered will be accounted towards activities like hatching eggs and earning candies for a Buddy Pokémon. We suspect though, the app will have to be running on the background for everything to function correctly, not just the distance tracking. Though we cannot be sure. But one thing for sure is, it has a slight caveat; for some reasons, this wearable will not be able to alert you of Pokémon lured by incense. So, gamers, do take note.

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Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus Wearable

Pokémon Go Plus Wearable is powered by a single lithium coin cell battery and for $34.99 a pop, you will also receive a wristband for wearing it on your wrist (though you can pin it to your garment, or bag too). We read that the Nintendo Pokémon Go Plus Wearable is available in store, in the U.S. as we speak, but it is (or will be) available online through Nintendo UK online store, GameStop online, as well as Amazon. Though we wouldn’t advice you to go with Amazon even though we do get a little commission if you buy from them cos’ the price over there appears to be on a bull. A couple hours ago, we saw the price at a crazy $98 or something and now, it seems to have risen, like stocks, to $108.

However, you may want to check out this $12.80 nifty accessory for Pokémon Go Plus Wearable (pictured below) from PokeWares called PokeWares Shield. It is a cool little real wood cover skin that gives the wearable a touch of class, so that it won’t look so awkwardly kiddish when you are meeting up with your straight-face client (or boss). There are other designs available too, but we shall leave it to you to explore.

Pokewares Shield For Pokémon Go Plus Wearable

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