Super Nintendo World Will Arrive At Universal Studios Hollywood In 2023

After much delay, the Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan was finally open for business last year. Fast forward to today, Universal Studios Hollywood has announced that it, too, will have the Super Nintendo World, making it the first in the United States.

Guy Turned His Galaxy Z Flip 3 Into A Nintendo DS, Complete With Split Screen Capability

There are gamers who feel nostalgic about the Nintendo DS and then there is a gamer who feels nostalgic, looked at his Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and thought: it can work as a DS substitute!

G-Case Is A Gundam-inspired Gaming Case That Keeps Your Switch Juiced Too

Like smartphones and tablets, the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED need a case to keep them in pristine condition. After all, it is a portable device. That said, if you are going to put on a case, then why not put on one that does more than protecting the device?

NYXI Transparent Joy-pad for Nintendo Switch: Larger, Transparent, And RGB Lights

Nintendo Switch is almost the perfect console – if not for my gorilla hands that make the Joy-con feel puny. That said, if you have gorilla hands like me, or just want to step up your game, then perhaps NYXI Transparent Joy-pad for Nintendo Switch may be able to help.

JD Partnered With Pokémon GO For JD-exclusive Inspired Avatar Items

UK-based international sports-fashion retailer, JD, has partnered with Pokémon GO to create 300 PokéStops across the U.K. and Europe. In addition, Pokémon GO players aka trainers can collect exclusive avatar items inspired by JD-exclusive Nike apparel by spinning the PokéStop and tapping the Nike items.

LEGO In Disguise: LEGO Super Nintendo Transformers By Julius von Brunk

LEGO that transforms much like Transformers action figures isn’t new. We have seen a couple of brilliant examples (here and here) in recent years. But this creation by LEGO enthusiast Julius von Brunk takes LEGO Transformers to the next level.

Game Of Life: Super Mario Edition And Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Board Games

Nintendo is not just a name for consoles. Unlike its peers, it has lent its properties to many products – from luxury smartwatch to footwear, and now, Monopoly and Game of Life.

NES The Legend of Zelda Video Game Sold For A Record US$870,000

Looks like the pandemic hasn’t curb anyone’s desire to own a copy of NES classic. In a recent sale organized by Heritage Auctions, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold for a cool US$870,000.