Everyone who plays Pokémon Go knows that. With the GPS almost always on, high graphics and the works, your phone’s battery isn’t going to last for more than a handful of PokéStop or PokéGym, let alone bagging all the monsters there are to bag. Portable battery or power bank is an awesome proposition (more so if it looks like Kanto-era Pokédex, if we may add), but what you really need is something that will relieve the taxation on your mind and the battery, and the Pokémon PokéDetector App for Android is just the app you need.

Instead of having the Pokémon Go app always on and sucking the juice out of the battery, this app will alert you when there are Pokémon around you. You can set the refresh rate, ranging from 15 seconds to several minutes (you know, the usual Android standard time thingy) and best of all, it works perfectly with Android Wear devices, such as your smartwatch, so you can go about minding your everyday things without constantly picking the phone to check for Pokémon. In other words, it will make you look like a total Pokémon Go Pro.

So, beside the aimer case, the Pokéball battery, and this app, you are well on your way in attaining Pokémon nirvana. Now, for the good and bad news. The bad news is, apparently Pokémon PokéDetector App was pulled from the Google Play store, so you won’t be able to find it there, but the good news is, you can grab the APK HERE. Also, if you need a little review on how this app works out on Android Wear, then you may want to check out Max Lee’s review HERE.

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Image: screengrab from HighOnAndroid’s YouTube video.

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