Catching those cute little Pokémon monsters is easier said than done. It is not just a matter of finding them in sometimes odd places, but it requires quite a bit of skill, you know, like throwing the virtual Pokéball straight to get the monster and if you know anything about swiping vertically, it is not every swipe goes straight. But here’s the thing, if you want as many creatures in your Pokédex as possible and so you want it to be a hit every single time. Getting a hang of it can take a while. You can one) choose to keep practicing and waste precious time, or two) you could slip on this specially designed iPhone case which has a guide to ensure you launch straight every single time.

Pokémon Go Pokéball Aimer iPhone Case

There’s no hack involved, per se and so it is no cheating. Just think of it as the training wheels of a bicycle. Once you are good at it, you can do with it. Then again, it won’t hurt to be sure, right? So, just keep it right there. What? What about the phone’s other functionality which the case obviously prevents you from using? Nope. Not important. With the Pokémon Go competition going full steam, there’s no time for other things. Besides, you need to reserve whatever juice for catching monsters and not answering calls from your mum, your spouse or your whoever.

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Ok, enough of talks. So where can you get it and how much? Well, here’s the good news. It is free, but only if you have access to a 3D printer and if you do have a 3D printer, then hit up My Mini Factory to grab the plans to create your own Pokéball aimer, or if you don’t have a 3D printer, or too lazy to do it, you get off Etsy from the dude who came up with this brilliant idea, for a modest sum of $6.12.

Images: John Cleaver.

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