how many times have you found yourself struggling to retrieve your electric axe from a typical guitar bag? we would imagine most of the time, especially when doing it standing – it is almost impossible to do so without laying the bag flat on the ground or a table. with the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case, that struggle would be a thing of the past. billed as the world’s first top-loading guitar case, the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case features a redesigned Headlock neck suspension system that automatically locks your guitar’s headstock firmly in place, protecting it against backward drops and side-to-side impact, and a custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole (aptly dubbed ‘The Boot’) for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. it is said, The Boot is made using technologies from the footwear industry and will literally bounce off the concrete ground just like a pair of cross trainers would – a virtue that your axe will appreciate when nested inside. other highlights include hybrid shell with lightweight ABS for protecting the headstock, water resistant Sharkskin outer shell put together with reinforced stitching and Hypalon rubber piping, power coated steel zippers, plus specialized storage compartments for all your other musical gears such as tabs, picks, cables and the likes. the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case is on sale now for just $205 a pop. available now through MONO Cases website. learn more about the MONO Vertigo Electric Guitar Case in the product video below.

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MONO Cases via Uncrate

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