setting up a home theater system may seems like rocket science to some and that’s not to mention the inevitable clutter the multitude of cables that comes standard with such a setup that would almost certainly induce nerve-wrecking breakdown to any neat freaks. thanks to development such as the SONOS PLAYBAR wireless sound bar, non-tech inclined folks who happen to be neat-o-freaks can now live in absolute bliss and still be able to enjoy awesome audio from the television programs and movies alike. designed to bring immersive high-fidelity sound to an otherwise flat sounding TV (don’t blame the ultra thin TVs. didn’t we all wished for them to be thinner?), the SONOS PLAYBAR features a total of nine drivers – six mid-woofers and three tweeters – packed into a sleek speaker fabric and aluminum bar, a single optical input that lets you play everything that is connected to it (Blu-ray players, game consoles, set top boxes – you name it), ease of setup and use, reins control over it using regular TV remote or with one of the free SONOS Controller apps for iOS and Android devices, Mac or PC and it works seamlessly within the SONOS wireless audio family such as the SONOS Sub for the added low-frequency thumping and the PLAY:3s for additional wireless surround speakers that offers an immersive 5.1 home theater surround sound experience. however, this €699 (US$940) sound bar is not immediately wireless by default – it does requires a wired connection, unless you are prepared to put down around 50 bucks for the SONOS Wireless Bridge. dropping in on March 5, 2013. in the mean time, you can learn more in the product video embedded below.

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