SONOS PLAY:3 wireless audio speaker system

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(credit: Sonos) Sonos PLAY:3 | €299.00 |

got your Spotify account? how about a new SONOS PLAY:3 wireless audio system to churn out its content? three drivers are matched with three Class-D digital amplifiers, along with a tweeter, two mid-range drivers and one bass radiator – all these packed into a small 132 x 268 x 160 millimeters (5.2 x 10.6 x 6.3-inches) sleek form factor that weighs 2.6-kilograms (5.71-lbs). it features SonosNet 2.0 secure AES encrypted, peer-to-peer (P2P) wireless mesh networking that allows you to stream your music from variety of music services including Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, or use your existing music library stored on your personal computers and even networked hard drive.
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however, if wireless is not your cup of English Breakfast, the built-in Ethernet port should do trick equally well. like all Sonos music system, you can control PLAY:3 with Sonos applications for Android devices, iPhone and iPad. available in white with light metallic grille or black with graphite grille, the Sonos PLAY:3 will set you back at €299 (about US$425). oh, if you are feeling rich, you could grab a pair and set up two PLAY:3 as a group, replicating a stereo speaker system. a few more look after the break.

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