TV is one decor-ruining electronic device that we have learned to live with. However, if you prefer not to conform, then perhaps an ultra-short throw projector could be the alternative. Speaking of ultra-short throw projector, JMGO has a couple to offer.

JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

The JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors include the O1 and O1 Pro – both are HD LED projectors with 4K compatibility and, of course, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution.

Not only the designs are pretty sleek and unique in today’s market; the JMGO O1 Series bring to the table some unexpected star feature.

In the case of the O1, it is an ultra-short throw projector with 0.25:1 ratio capable of displaying up to 100-inch image at 10-inch distance, elevates your movie-watching audio experience with stereo sound co-created with Danish loudspeaker maker Dynaudio.

JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

Meanwhile, the JMGO O1 Pro offers your visual sense a boast with optical engine co-engineered with German optical maker, Leica Camera. The O1 Pro is a 0.21:1 ratio ultra-short throw projector that is capable of putting put up to 100-inch image at a distance as close as 9 inches.

Both projectors promised to excellent sight and sound without creating a ding or producing excess heat. Each model features sensor that enable the device to know where the viewers and output sound accordingly for better acoustic experience.

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JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

JMGO’s projectors are powered by Luna OS and further features Alexa compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI input, wall color calibration, keystone correction and autofocus.

You may learn more about the JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors on Indiegogo where you can also secure the JMGO O1 and JMGO O1 Pro for a starting price of 5,423 Hong Kong dollars (about US$699) and 6,666 Hong Kong dollars (US$859), respectively.

All images courtesy of JMGO.

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