TV is one decor-ruining electronic device that we have learned to live with. However, if you prefer not to conform, then perhaps an ultra-short throw projector could be the alternative. Speaking of ultra-short throw projector, JMGO has a couple to offer.

JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

The JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors include the O1 and O1 Pro – both are HD LED projectors with 4K compatibility and, of course, 1,920 x 1,080 resolution.

Not only the designs are pretty sleek and unique in today’s market; the JMGO O1 Series bring to the table some unexpected star feature.

In the case of the O1, it is an ultra-short throw projector with 0.25:1 ratio capable of displaying up to 100-inch image at 10-inch distance, elevates your movie-watching audio experience with stereo sound co-created with Danish loudspeaker maker Dynaudio.

JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

Meanwhile, the JMGO O1 Pro offers your visual sense a boast with optical engine co-engineered with German optical maker, Leica Camera. The O1 Pro is a 0.21:1 ratio ultra-short throw projector that is capable of putting put up to 100-inch image at a distance as close as 9 inches.

Both projectors promised to excellent sight and sound without creating a ding or producing excess heat. Each model features sensor that enable the device to know where the viewers and output sound accordingly for better acoustic experience.

JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors

JMGO’s projectors are powered by Luna OS and further features Alexa compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI input, wall color calibration, keystone correction and autofocus.

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You may learn more about the JMGO O1 Series Ultra-short Throw Projectors on Indiegogo where you can also secure the JMGO O1 and JMGO O1 Pro for a starting price of 5,423 Hong Kong dollars (about US$699) and 6,666 Hong Kong dollars (US$859), respectively.

All images courtesy of JMGO.

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