the biggest challenge for big screen owners is probably getting the right sound system for some enhanced audio experience and when we said “right sound system”, we are referring to an audio system that doesn’t require a PhD in cabling to deal with and also does not leaves you with unsightly cable clutter and not to mention, potential tripping hazard. one of the viable solution comes in the form of Vizio 54″ 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar (S5430w). it is a sound bar that’s designed for 55″ or larger TV and as the product name suggests, it aims to offer an immersive audio experience with three channels of sound, backed by an integrated deep bass module to “create the bigger sound stage necessary to fill the room (typically the living room) and surround viewers with the complete home theater experience.” doing so with the simplicity of a sound bar, which in turns translate to lesser cable clutter and ease of setup.

the fact that it is stretched, it affords a farther separation between the left and right channels, which naturally lead to a wider sound stage and on top of that, the 54″ 3.0 sound bar boasts 103db of crystal clear sound reproduction with a claimed < 1 percent total harmonic distortion. also fitted within this extra long sound bar is a center channel speaker and a deep bass module for the low-end tumbling needs in movies, making it a neat one-piece, all-in-one HT solution. additionally, it is also equipped with Bluetooth technology with aptX that allows it to act as a standalone music player to your Bluetooth music sources for high-quality wireless audio streaming. and for serious movie nuts, you will be glad to know that this sleek sound bar features the latest Dolby Digital and DTS 3.0 Channel decoders, as well as the powerful DTS audio enhancement technologies, so that you can truly be immersed in the movies you are watching. the Vizio 54" 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar is set to retail for $299.99.

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Vizio 54" 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar

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