Vizio 2019 Audio Collection Includes A $70 20-inch 2.0 Sound Bar

There’s no shortage of affordable sound bar and full-on home theater system in the market, but if looks count towards your purchasing decision, then you may want to check out the new Vizio 2019 Audio Collection. Not to put down budget sound bars or HTS, but the truth is, more often than not if it […]

Vizio Joins RED Program With A Sexy Red P-Series 4K Smart TV

TV can hardly called ‘sexy’, but here it is, the (VIZIO)RED P-Series 55” Class 4K HDR Smart TV that is exactly that because, Product (RED). Yes, it is a TV from Vizio, but as the product name implies, it is all for a good cause. A TV that is designed to raise awareness and funds […]

Vizio May Have Came Up With The Best Idea For Sound Bar Since Sound Bars

Today’s sound bars are all about Dolby Atmos. To achieve this sound as objects effect while still offering a regular, straight forward audio experience when listening to music, the sound bar usually will have upward firing speakers. This means the sound bar need to have more drivers and therefore, rather clunky. However, Vizio have came […]

Vizio SmartCast P-Series Ditches Remote In Favor Of Android Tablet

When Smart TV, aka connected TV, was introduced it changes the way we watch TV and in a way, took a stab at paid cable TV providers. We are no longer bound to free-to-air TV and subject to cable TV’s schedule which often do not fit our lifestyle. It was a new found freedom. A […]

Vizio 54″ 3.0 Home Theater Sound Bar

the biggest challenge for big screen owners is probably getting the right sound system for some enhanced audio experience and when we said “right sound system”, we are referring to an audio system that doesn’t require a PhD in cabling to deal with and also does not leaves you with unsightly cable clutter and not to mention

Vizio Co-Star LT Stream Player

as you might already guess, the Co-Star LT give your home entertainment a step without having to upgrade the TV set. at the heart of the Co-Star LT is the Vizio Internet Apps Plus that allows you to browse apps while watching live TV. full-screen app browsing is supported, and so are HTM5 app, and Full HD and 3D contents

Vizio M-Series Razor LED Smart TV

there is used to be a time where you have pay a fortune for a sleek, near bezel-less LED Smart TV, but thanks to innovating companies like Vizio, these drool-worthy, feature-packed visual delight no longer cost an arm or a leg. meet the new Vizio M-Series Razor LED Smart TV with ultra-thin bezel design that carries a

Vizio Premium PC Line with Full HD Touchscreens

remember those beautiful Windows machines that Vizio announced mid of last year? they are beautiful, alright but in this fast pace gadget world, beauty without the latest brain is no good and so, Vizio has updated every machines of this 2013 line with 10-point multitouch displays – in full HD, no less…

Vizio Tablet PC – Vizio’s first Windows 8 Slate

we can see major manufacturers are warming up to the idea of a Windows 8 slate. it took quite a while but it is really warming up. how we know? when Vizio is also jumping into the Windows 8 bandwagon with its first Windows 8 Tablet PC – aptly dubbed the Vizio Tablet PC. no fancy namesake, so that you know exactly…

Vizio E-Series Sound Bars

putting sound aside, we think sound bars are looking like duplicates of each other unless you are talking about super high-end stuff like the Panorama 2. but not having the money to splurge doesn’t necessary mean relegating to the fate of looking the same like the majority and the Vizio E-Series Sound Bar is one good example of looking a wee different but yet not burning…