Today’s sound bars are all about Dolby Atmos. To achieve this sound as objects effect while still offering a regular, straight forward audio experience when listening to music, the sound bar usually will have upward firing speakers. This means the sound bar need to have more drivers and therefore, rather clunky. However, Vizio have came up what could be the best idea for sound bar since the invention of sound bars. How? By having sound bar with rotating ends.

Right off the bat, this Vizio Concept Dolby Atmos Sound Bar looks nothing like today’s sound bars. It is roundish, as opposed to a long, oblong block and a handle-like contraption on either end. Those are the parts that will rotate depending on how the publisher coded the sound. Naturally, the center block has some unknown number drivers and so do the “handles” on each end.

How it works is, when the sound bar is engaged in Dolby Atmos mode, the “handles” will point into the ceiling (or maybe even at a certain angle?), to let the sound bounce off the ceiling and voila!, the Atmos effect. However, when you are listening to a studio track, the handle-like speaker will then rotate to push out the music straight ahead. It is an interesting concept that could be a game changer.

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Unfortunately, we were not at CES to experience it and therefore, we can say if the handle-like speakers are constantly adjusting based on the Atmos mixed tracks or they are fixed at upward firing. It will be cool if the speakers can constantly adjust to direct the sound where the movie makers intended.

Whether or not the Vizio Concept Dolby Atmos Sound Bar will make it production is unclear. Gizmodo reporter noted that it could be a “parlor trick” aimed that showing the difference between Atmos and regular audio. But I do agree with Adam, trick or no trick, it is cool nevertheless. But damn it. I hope to see this implemented in future sound bars. I really do. If that happens, we can finally bid farewell to multi speaker setup and wish it rest in peace.

Images: Mike Damanskis/Gizmodo.

Source: Gizmodo.

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