Wouldn’t it be nice if we never have to worry about charging our phone, or charging anything at all for that matter? Well, you know what? The future is looking pretty bright with regard to this charging matter because, Ossia has teamed up with phone accessory maker Spigen to unveil a true wireless charging smartphone case called Forever Sleeve case. Forever Sleeve is trademarked, btw, and so, you know this is going to happen. The only question is, when?

With a Ossia Cota wireless power transmitter place somewhere in a room, all you have to do is to slip on the Forever Sleeve case and voila! your phone will be constantly charged, even while in motion, at up to several meters away (10-12 feet or 3-3.6 meters, we heard) and without line of sight. Like the AA battery we saw previously, Forever Sleeve case is embedded with Ossia’ receiver that catches and converts wireless power signals into usable electricity for the device.

Ossia x Spigen Forever Sleeve Case

However, unlike the AA battery, this Spigen Wireless Charging Case uses 5.8 GHz signal instead of 2.4 GHz. The new band not only offer a better range and bumps up the wireless power delivery; it also reduces the size transmitter and receiver chips, thus allowing the technology to be integrated into consumer products, such as the Forever Sleeve case.

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The days of needing to plug in or place your smartphone on a fixed spot for charging is almost over. Almost because, here’s the catch about Forever Sleeve: it is a proof-of-concept for now. However, Ossia said it is working with Spigen to deliver Cota-enabled phone cases for 5.8 GHz by 2020. Oh man, another 1-2 years wait? I am not going to lie, that’s kinda disappointing. I guess it is now between Wi-Charge and Ossia to see who will get onto the market first.

Images: Ossia.

Source: Gizmodo.

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