If you are thinking of renewing your home entertainment system in 2020, or just looking to give your flat screen TV’s audio a boost, Vizio is here to help. The America TV brand has revealed its 2020 sound bar lineup which includes Vizio Elevate Sound Bar, M-Series and V-Series sound bar lines.

Vizio Elevate Sound Bar is the one to look out for if you want Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This 5.1.4 channel system promised to deliver premium audio performance with a pretty unique aesthetic to boot.

Vizio 2020 Sound Bar Lineup Announced

Key features include an auto-rotating front upfiring speakers, seamless docking with Vizio’s new OLED TV, and a total of no less than 18 drivers (!) comprising of high-performance 2-way left, center and right front speakers with separate tweeter, dual mid bass drivers, and passive radiators.

It comes with a wireless 8-inch sub, as well as a pair of satellite surround speakers and the sound bar itself comes with 2 HDMI input/HDMI (eARC).

Vizio 2020 Sound Bar Lineup Announced
Closer look at the auto-rotating front upfiring speakers.

Next in line is the M-Series sound bar which itself is offered in 2 models: the M-Series 5.1 Sound Bar and the M-Series 5.1.2 Sound Bar. The former is paired with a wireless sub while the latter boasts gets two additional satellite speakers.

General features include Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, 4K HDR pass-through, voice assistant input, and up to 6 drivers that include separate tweeters, mid-bass drivers and passive radiators for the front three channels (plus 2 upfiring speakers in the bar for the 5.1.2).

Vizio 2020 Sound Bar Lineup Announced
M-Series sound bar.

For those prefer a one-piece solution, M-Series All-in-One Sound Bar is the answer. It touts 6 drivers, DTS Virtual:X, 4K pass-through, voice assistant input.

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Finally, there’s the entry level V-Series 2.1 Sound Bar. The V-Series offers up to 6 drivers, DTS Virtual:X, HDMI (ARC), voice assistant input, and a choice of 2.1 and 5.1 setup. The latter adds satellite surround channels that would allow for front surround sound mode and dual stereo mode.

Availability and pricing of the 2020 lineup of Vizio sound bars will be known closer to launch. Meanwhile, you can hit up Vizio website for more details.

Vizio 2020 Sound Bar Lineup Announced

All images courtesy of Vizio, Inc..

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