I am an Anker products user. I use their products because they are sleek and very importantly, affordable. Having said that, I absolutely can’t, for my life, wrap my head around this particular Anker product: Anker 2020 Special Edition 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable.

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

You read that right. That is a USB cable treated to 24K gold plating. What in the world??? Even more ‘what in the world’ is, it costs a cool US$99.99 a pop. A hundred bucks for a cable!

It is safe to say it isn’t targeted at poor person like me. In all fairness, this cable may make some sense. I mean, some people already willingly plonk down US$70,000+ for a luxe up iPhone, or US$67,000+ for a pair of gold AirPods Pro, and so what is a 100 dollar USB cable, right?

Back to the cable… its star feature here is, of course, the 24K gold-plated cable heads. In addition, you get a braided cable that is partially assembled by hand and passed through a “painstaking 51-step construction process” to meet the company’s “exacting standards.”

And one of the “exacting standards” is a 35,000-bend lifespan. For $100 a pop, you definitely want that kind of durability.

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

Beyond that, this USB-to-Lightning cable is Anker’s PowerLine+ III, which is a MFi Certified Lightning cable that supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD) for iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Series, and iPhone X, XR, XS Max.

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For the gratuitous amount (as far as USB cable goes), you will also received a gift box, travel purse, welcome, as well as lifetime warranty.

If you are swoon over by the gold coating, you may acquire this exquisite, luxe USB cable for US$99.99. Yes. It is real!

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

Images: Anker.

Source: MacRumors.

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