I am an Anker products user. I use their products because they are sleek and very importantly, affordable. Having said that, I absolutely can’t, for my life, wrap my head around this particular Anker product: Anker 2020 Special Edition 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable.

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

You read that right. That is a USB cable treated to 24K gold plating. What in the world??? Even more ‘what in the world’ is, it costs a cool US$99.99 a pop. A hundred bucks for a cable!

It is safe to say it isn’t targeted at poor person like me. In all fairness, this cable may make some sense. I mean, some people already willingly plonk down US$70,000+ for a luxe up iPhone, or US$67,000+ for a pair of gold AirPods Pro, and so what is a 100 dollar USB cable, right?

Back to the cable… its star feature here is, of course, the 24K gold-plated cable heads. In addition, you get a braided cable that is partially assembled by hand and passed through a “painstaking 51-step construction process” to meet the company’s “exacting standards.”

And one of the “exacting standards” is a 35,000-bend lifespan. For $100 a pop, you definitely want that kind of durability.

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

Beyond that, this USB-to-Lightning cable is Anker’s PowerLine+ III, which is a MFi Certified Lightning cable that supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD) for iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Series, and iPhone X, XR, XS Max.

For the gratuitous amount (as far as USB cable goes), you will also received a gift box, travel purse, welcome, as well as lifetime warranty.

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If you are swoon over by the gold coating, you may acquire this exquisite, luxe USB cable for US$99.99. Yes. It is real!

Anker 2020 24K Gold USB-C-to-Lightning Cable

Images: Anker.

Source: MacRumors.

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