If a starting price of $999 for an iPhone 11 Pro is not by any measure a luxury to you and you considered solid gold, diamonds and perhaps, even a mechanical watch complication, as true measures of luxury, well then, Caviar Phone has just the right iPhone for you.

Meet the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius, the ultimate in luxe iPhone that seemingly has its back ripped off and replaced with half a kilogram of gold (of 750 gold content), 137 diamonds and a mechanical watch movement, a tourbillon, to be precise.

It sounds as every bit as ridiculous and it certainly is. Rounding up the package is a less exciting anodized body and buttons. Each phone is engraved with its unique phone number (serial number, I supposed?).

Beyond that, the specs remain untouched. It shares the same exact specifications as the iPhone 11 Pro as announced by Apple. It is available in both iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and in a choice of 64 GB, 256 GB and 516 GB storage capacities.

If you are the kind that fantasize about putting a gold bar to your ear, the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius is the phone for you.

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The difference between this and gold bar is obvious. It is way less crude. In fact, I’d say it is stylish – thanks to the addition of diamonds and the super cool tourbillon (even though it does pretty much nothing).

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Discovery Solarius

But as expected, such exquisite luxury does come with, well, very luxury price, and in this case, you are looking at dropping at least $70,340. And let it be a reminder that it is still a gadget that will obsolete in a year or two.

However, if five-figure is too much for you swallow, there are three other Discovery model, namely Terra, Luna and Mars, that cost under $9,000.

Terra and Luna packs real meteorite and moon materials in the construction, while Mars boasts “authentic Mars material.” Wait. “Mars material,” but how? I have absolutely not idea.

For more information, hit up Caviar Phone website which, thankfully, now has an English version and has prices in USD.

Images: Caviar Phone [RU].

Source: Hypebeast.

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