The loyalty of dogs is never to be questioned. Way before modern stories emerged on the unequivocal loyalty of man’s best friend, Hachiko was already a legend during Taisho era (1916-1925).

Hachiko was a dog in Japan waited for his master’s return after his master passed on. His loyalty has captured the hearts of millions and his image has been immortalized in many ways, including as statues.

Shibuya Hachi Chocolate

Now, the city of Shibuya has taken this immortalization to the next level, by creating milk chocolate in the image of the legendary dog. So, yeah, Hachiko is now a chocolate too. It’s actually rather ironic if you think about it because, chocolate is consider a poison to dogs.

Anywho, I wonder what this little guy will think in dogs’ heaven. You know, how the city is leveraging on the story of his loyalty to coax money out of visiting tourists.

Speaking of tourists, the Shibuya Hachi Chocolate, as it is called, is definitely a tourist thing. Though I am sure, at the beginning, locals will be rushing to grab a few boxes too. But yeah, it is a souvenir of sort.

Shibuya Hachi Chocolate

If you are visiting Japan, you will be able to pick up the Shibuya Hachi Chocolate at 1,200 yen (or about US$11) plus tax.

Shibuya Hachi Chocolate will be initially be sold at the grand opening of Shibuya Sky observation deck, part of the newly developed Shibuya Scramble Square, at the gift shop on November 1, 2019.

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After that, it will be available at other department stores, specialty stores and more. In fact, I think any touristy place will stock them eventually.

Just in case you are wondering, each box of Shibuya Hachi Chocolate contains eight pieces of Hachiko chocolates. Also, we believe white chocolate is not in the menu, unfortunately.

Shibuya Hachi Chocolate

Image: Shibuya.

Source: Japan Today.

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