AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set: Create The Cable Length You Need

Until the day morphing length cable is a reality, owning multiple USB cables of different lengths is somewhat of a necessary evil. The AOHi Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set is exactly the latter but with a modular twist. It is a mix-and-match cable set that lets you form the length that you need.

Christmas Came Early With These New Official Ghostbusters Merchandises

No serious fans of Ghostbusters will want to pass on these new official Ghostbusters merchandises. These merchandises include a 3D Desk Lamp/Wall Light featuring the iconic no-ghost sign, a Nintendo Switch Case, LED Micro USB Cable and Thumb Grips for PS4 and Xbox One, and a trio of collectibles Pin Kings Enamel Pin Badge Set.

Maison Kitsuné Injects A Little Fun Into Native Union Gadget Accessories

Fashion-forward, gadget enthusiasts may want to check out the Native Union x Maison Kitsuné Collection. Native Union has teamed up with Paris-meets-Tokyo multifaceted brand Maison Kitsuné to release an exclusive capsule collection of accessories that covers both your tech and fashion needs.

High Five: The One USB Cable That Rules Them All, Doing So In A Sleek Way

If you own several mobile devices, you will understand the struggle of dealing with multiple cables. One German startup called Vonmählen understands this too and has developed what it described as “world’s most compact 5-in-1 charging cable” aimed at address the too-many-cables syndrome. I know. It is just another cable, but man, when it has …

Wrist-worn Bluetooth Speakers, Splicing USB Cable + Random Gift Ideas

Writers have writer’s block. A gifting person can sometimes have gifting block too. Sometimes, you really have no idea what to get for someone for whatever occasions. It is a dreadful thing, but not if we can help it. That said, here are a few cool gift ideas which you can use to defuse the …

This Nifty USB Power Cable Will Let You Ditch Your Fire TV’s AC Adapter

You know TV boxes? And I am sure you are familiar with Fire TV too. There’s really nothing flawed about the Amazon 4K Fire TV. I mean, it has voice control and supports 4K contents, there’s really nothing more to ask from it. However, those who obsessed with decluttering will not be too please because, …

This Upcoming USB-C MagSafe-style Adapter Promised 87W Of Power

Apple may have filed the patent for an adapter that will bring MagSafe back to MacBook and possibly, other devices, but when exactly will it realize is anybody guess and so, for now, if you want MacSafe back, your only solution will be third party solutions like the Griffin BreakSafe and Snapnator, and now there …

CONNEX: A “Card-shaped” USB Cable That Stretches And Has No Tangle Mess

Tangle mess is part of our life – thanks in part to the USB cable we need to have it with us for on-the-go charging. There’s really no perfect solutions to this “necessary evil.” To overcome this, you can choose to go with a short cable, or you could wound it up, but what if …

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