Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV

You know TV boxes? And I am sure you are familiar with Fire TV too. There’s really nothing flawed about the Amazon 4K Fire TV. I mean, it has voice control and supports 4K contents, there’s really nothing more to ask from it. However, those who obsessed with decluttering will not be too please because, anything that hooks up to a TV will have at least two cables: the audio/video output cable and the power cable. Not exactly a perfect picture, huh? Well, this is where Mission Accessories (formerly Mission Cables) think it can help.

The company has introduced the first ever patent-pending USB power solution for the Amazon 4K Fire TV which will allow you to ditch the standard issue power supply for good. Called Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV, it features a special circuitry that will boost the peak power output of any USB port on the TV so that it could be used to power the Fire TV, thus negating the need for an AC power adapter. Obviously, typical USB ports of 500-900mA on a TV will not be able to fire up the Fire TV which requires between 1,200 and 1,400mA.

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Here’s where the Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV pulls the magic. The aforementioned special circuity boosts the TV’s USB peak power output, storing it on its embedded lithium-ion battery when it is not needed. The current stored will then be released to power the Fire TV as and when it is needed. In this way, the Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV can seemingly provide a continuous power supply to support the Fire TV and hence, retiring the AC power adapter. Sounds like a brilliant solution to us and it should be a welcomed accessory for those obsessed with decluttering.

In case you are wondering if the device will be detrimental to your TV in long run… our best educated guess is, it won’t since Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV on does not actually do anything to the USB port; it merely ‘collects’ and stores the excess current when the Fire TV isn’t using it and serving it up when the box demands it. You can find the Mission USB Power Cable for Fire TV on Amazon now for a discounted sticker of $14.99.

Image: Mission Accessories.