the odds of one having a career as an astronaut is like 1 in a million, but that hasn’t stop children and some adults of dreaming about becoming one. however, the truth is, reality is like gravity – it keeps most of us, firmly stuck to the ground. at this point, you and i know being a space geek is the furthest you could go and for that, you can grab yourself an Astronaut Smartphone Stand to prove the point. crafted of polyresin (the same material used to produce collectible statues and marquees) by Japan company SETO CRAFT, the Astronaut Smartphone Stand proceeds you with a unique and eye-catching stand for your smartphone and since it is of the weighty polyresin material, it is also totally capable of handling smaller tablets like the iPad mini and Nexus 7.

the stand offers a perfect place for resting your phone for charging and for catching a movie or two in landscape orientation. an U-shape “sitting” area allows you to plug in the smartphone’s charging cable without hinderance, while a slip-proof and scratch-resistant thin layer of sponge ensures the handset stays in place and scratch-free. you can yours from Amazon for $35 a pop. also available in other guises such as green soldier, bellhop and more. another look after the break.

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Astronaut Smartphone Stand

Seto Craft via Shashinmeister

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