This New Multifunction Stand And Grip For Smartphone Is Here To Take Over The Ring

I have never gotten around in using the ring thingy that goes on the back of the phone. I am paranoid. I don’t feel safe inserting ONE finger into the ring. Enough blunt force could tear the finger right off. Like I have said, I am paranoid. Then, I saw the CLCKR in our inbox.

How Is This Smartphone Accessory Not Getting Its Due Attention Is Beyond Me

I am sure you have seen a ton of this in the market, but rest assure, the Flipside, as it is called, is a little different from those ring thingy that sticks to the back of your smartphone.

What Started Out As A Smartphone Stand Turned Into A Mini LEGO Theater

It started out with the desire to make a smartphone stand out of LEGO bricks, but then US-based Japanese Twitter user jeunetleaf (@jeunetleaf) supposed smartphone stand evolved into a minifigure-size movie theater. Originally, the intention was to create a LEGO bricks-based stand for her smartphone when watching video. While at it, jeunetleaf thought it might […]

Logitech Now Has A Wireless Charging Stand Designed With Apple

Still in the market for a worthy wireless charging stand for your gorgeous Apple smartphones? Here’s one from Logitech, called POWERED iPhone Wireless Charging Stand, that may just be worthy of your consideration. Why? Because, Apple. The Swiss computer and mobile accessories maker has teamed up with the Cupertino tech giant to create this minimalistic […]

This Could Be The Most Artistic Phone And Tablet Stand We Have Seen

A stand is needed if you use your smartphone or tablet for video calls, watch videos, or as an electronic cookbook. If your phone/tablet cases natively offer stand option, then you are good. If not, you need a smartphone/tablet stand, but not just any stand for folks who are artistic and/or those who demands a […]

Matr Boomie Wants To Empower Women With This Smartphone Stand

I read the product description. But, TBH, I am still not entirely sure how this unique Carved Mango Wood Smartphone Stand can help to empower women in anyway. Was it carved by craftswomen? It didn’t say so. But that does not stop us from admiring this super dope smartphone stand. It is definitely a refreshing […]

TILT Smartphone Stand: Simple, Elegant and Functional. It’s Almost Like Art.

By now, whenever a smartphone stand appears in the market. We’d go like “yeah, another one” and wouldn’t be bothered to take a second look, but oddly, when saw the TILT Smartphone Stand in our inbox, we did not have that feeling. It feels different. Very different. Yes, it is just a smartphone stand, however, […]

Astronaut Smartphone Stand

the odds of one having a career as an astronaut is like 1 in a million, but that hasn’t stop children and some adults of dreaming about becoming one. however, the truth is, reality is like gravity – it keeps most of us, firmly stuck to the ground. at this point, you and i know being a space geek is the furthest you could go