A stand is needed if you use your smartphone or tablet for video calls, watch videos, or as an electronic cookbook. If your phone/tablet cases natively offer stand option, then you are good. If not, you need a smartphone/tablet stand, but not just any stand for folks who are artistic and/or those who demands a lot of style, along with functionality.

Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand

If you are one of the aforementioned, or both, then I think the Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand may just be the gadget stand of choice that will satisfy your need for style with a dose of artistic flair. Looking at the clever mountain-like design, I wonder why it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. It is on Kickstarter on a month-long campaign, but at this point, we see only 7 backers. Come on, folks, look at it. Surely it deserves a lot more than just 7 backers, isn’t it?

Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand

It looks like a 3D sculpture of a mountain with four peaks. It is a clever stand that props up a smartphone or tablet, in landscape or portrait orientation. Though, you can’t do both at the same time. Montelouro aims to bring warm to the otherwise aseptic and cold gadgets. It is 100 percent handcrafted in ceramic which lends it the artsy and elegant feel.

Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand

It is definitely not your typical mobile or tablet stand. This thing is truly art. Even without gadget on it, it looks perfectly fine as an art piece on your desk top. What bothers me though is, it is purely a stand. Not a charging dock. It appear not to have provision for cable to be inserted so it could be charge your gadget while it is resting on it. That’s the only caveat. Otherwise, it is an impressive piece. Like I have said, it is very much like an art piece.

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Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand

If you want to see it as a real product, you may want to consider giving it a boost by making a pledge to pre-order a unit. However, like most arts, it does not come cheap. It will run you back at 55-60 euro (about US$64-70) a piece. Pitch video follows after the break.

Montelouro Ceramic Phone and Tablet Stand

Images courtesy of Oitenta/Rafael Fernandez.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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