This Sleek, Industrial-Look Smartphone Stand Is Versatile Beyond Imagination

Here’s a device stand that combines the best of foldable and desktop stand. Called Majextand M, it has the convenience of a folding stand and the adjustability of a desktop stand, and then some.

Handle Plus Is A Giant Ring For Your Tablet You Never Knew You Need

You know the collapsible ring that’s found on some smartphone cases, or as a standalone stick-on accessory? Well, the Handle Plus Universal Tablet Accessory you see here is similar, only very much bigger and designed for tablets. How big? Instead of a digit, Handle Plus lets your entire hand through and thus providing a more […]

This Could Be The Most Artistic Phone And Tablet Stand We Have Seen

A stand is needed if you use your smartphone or tablet for video calls, watch videos, or as an electronic cookbook. If your phone/tablet cases natively offer stand option, then you are good. If not, you need a smartphone/tablet stand, but not just any stand for folks who are artistic and/or those who demands a […]

These Unique Tablet Stands Are Fashioned Out of Century Old Railroad Track

If you’re the type who love to stand out with the products and accessories you use, then we’re very sure these tablet stands made from reclaimed railroad tracks will be of an interest to you. Handcrafted by Nashville-based Rail Yard Studios and presented by accessory maker Griffin, these tablet stands are made from actual rail […]

WindFall Stand For Nexus 7 and GALAXY Tab 3

till today, we often lament about the lack of variety of accessories for Android tablets, much less one that is sleek and stylish, and crafted to suit commercial settings. if you share the same thoughts as us, then we have good news for you. Heckler Design has adapted its beautiful…

TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix

need a hand to prop up your iPad? if minimalistic design is your cuppa, then look no further than the TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix. looking like a cross between a pair of tong and a pair of hands, this aluminum and polished plastic construction stand works by the way of spring force to clasp your iPad securely and offers a variety of viewing angles, adjustable on-the-fly to your comfort level.

Victorinox Knife Block with Tablet Stand

the official name for the Victorinox Knife Block with Tablet Stand is actually Cutlery Block 360° Rotating, which we thought don’t quite do the product justice. not that it can do a lot apart from keeping those sharp cutlery safe and tidy, but it does incorporate a nifty ledge on the otherwise unused side of the block for placing your tablet, or your favorite cookbook

Tabi Stand for iPad

try putting a cushion over your laps and an iPad with a stand on it. it doesn’t stand very well, does it? if the aforementioned is what you like to do, then the Tabi Stand is just the stand for you. with a cleverly designed geometry, the Tabi is equally at home on hard and soft surfaces alike. there’s no metal construction that will threaten your shiny gadget and all contact points are of…

iPad Stand by OOOMS

unlike smartphones, the most sought after accessory for iPad (or any tablets for that matter) is probably a stand. cos’ after all the lightweight claim by makers, a tablet is still never light on the hands for too long a time. plus, most folks would prefer to have two hands to go about other stuff like cooking, embracing your love one (erhmm) et cetera. speaking of which, stand…