Flote Floor Stand for Tablets

Flote Floor Stand for Tablets
(photos: DCS Concepts) Flote Floor Stand for Tablets | US$269.99 | www.floteyourtablet.com

tablets. by now, we probably can’t live without them. we eat with it. we sleep with it. it entertains us and we use it to jot down important notes and so on and so forth. basically, we use it for practically anything that has to do with life. precisely because of the tablet-does-everything syndrome that we encounter our first real problem with it: our hands get tired of holding it all day. that’s where an accessory like the Flote Floor Stand will work for us and for the record, we are not those really lazy people. however, we could use a little help in holding up the tablet and in the process, freeing up our hands for something else, or at least allowing them to rest. oh sure, you probably can prop up your tablet on your lap while you laze on your bed watching a movie but ask yourself this: don’t your neck hurts? yeah, you get the idea. if not, head past the jump for a pretty self-explanatory video and you will be amazed by how many ways the Flote can serve you. oh, how can we not mention that it is one heck of a stylish stand. kind of remind us of the mic boom but only way sleeker. the Flote was a successfully funded Kickstarter project that ended in January but you can still can grab yours for $269.99 via Flote official website.

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