reMarkable Type Folio Adds Folio-style Keyboard To The reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet

3 years after the introduction of the reMarkable 2 paper tablet you would think reMarkable’s latest news would be a gen-3 paper tablet but nope. The e-ink tablet maker has introduced a folio keyboard instead. Called Type Folio, it adds typing to handwriting through a tactile keyboard and because it is a folio too, it …

This Gadget Packs An Insane Number Of Features And It Is A Phone Too

Can 49 bucks get you a mobile phone in today’s context? Probably not, or so we thought. As it turns out for $49-79, you can not only bag yourself a mobile phone with cameras, but also a stylus pen, a laser pointer, a voice recorder, a radio, a media player, and even a fun voice …

Handle Plus Is A Giant Ring For Your Tablet You Never Knew You Need

You know the collapsible ring that’s found on some smartphone cases, or as a standalone stick-on accessory? Well, the Handle Plus Universal Tablet Accessory you see here is similar, only very much bigger and designed for tablets. How big? Instead of a digit, Handle Plus lets your entire hand through and thus providing a more …

LG’s Full-size Portable Keyboard Rolls Up to Fit Even the Tightest Space

Portable keyboards and in this case, Bluetooth-enable ones, are not new and up till now, it is either super compact, but not actually a full size keyboard, or it is almost full-size, but lacks of the portability. Yes. They are still portable, possibly by the way of folding, which is not exactly the compact, compact, …

Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone

NFC provides an awesome, if not cool way to transfer digital content between NFC-capable Android phones, but to be honest, the transfer don’t always happen smoothly. so the next time you want to share photos or videos with your family and friends who are physically with you, considering using the Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone.

New Trent Powerpak Xtreme Portable Battery

when your gadgets ran out juice in the city, it wouldn’t be half as bad as if it happens when you are out in the wilderness. agree? needless to say, a juice pack or two would be helpful when you plan to head out to remote areas and since you will be out in the great outdoor where the elements are the biggest threat to your juice pack

Zendure A-series Ruggedized Portable Battery Charger

when we first saw Zendure A-series Ruggedized Portable Battery Charger, we thought the rugged appearance looks pretty familiar – obviously, we were wrong; the Zendure just happened to look similar to the Powerpak+, but with the added benefit of having a built that befits its rugged outlook.

New Trent Powerpak+ Portable Battery

really bites, doesn’t it? we are referring to modern day utmost concern: battery life. until the groundbreaking discovery by Shin-Etsu Chemical becomes a reality, that reality will continue to cling on us like a leech stuck to our legs. so the immediate solution would be, you guessed it, sitting next to a wall outlet, or

Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader

understanding that not everyone is a fan of preloading contents into a wireless drive, Kingston refreshed its two-year old Wi-Drive with the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader which does away with the ‘restrictive’ internal storage for more flexible media like USB flash drives and SD cards. it is still very much the