NFC provides an awesome, if not cool way to transfer digital content between NFC-capable Android phones, but to be honest, the transfer don’t always happen smoothly. so the next time you want to share photos or videos with your family and friends who are physically with you, considering using the Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone. the product name pretty much says it all; it is a USB Flash Drive with a built-in micro USB connector for plugging directly into your Android device, such as your smartphone or tablet, to be used as an additional or temporary storage for your mobile devices, sharing large files with your friends and transferring files without the need for cable or wireless access.

by sharing using a physical medium, you can eliminate the risk of your content being “hijacked” while moving through the air. though you still run the risk of losing the physical key, but that’s not the point here. the point is to provide you with another alternative to the current available mediums, especially if your device does not have built-in support for expandable storage. there is also a regular size USB connector to allow this same USB key to be used on your laptop or desktop computer, which, again, offers yet another way of moving multimedia files between your handset and the computer, and vice versa. a free File Manager app will be available for you to easily manage the content stored.

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the Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone is slated to hit the store shelves, both on and offline, in January 2014 and will be available in three capacities: 8GB (USM-8SA1/B; $19.99), 16GB (USM-16SA1/B; $29.99) and 32GB (USM-32SA1/B; $62.99). compatible with Android OS 4.0.3 or later, as well as desktop OSes, like Windows and Mac OS (10.4 or later).

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