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Anker Introduces A Nifty Gadget That Will Add Google Assistant To Any Car

Good news, fans of Google Assistant who also commute with their own automobiles. Anker has announced the Roav Bolt, a nifty gadget that will add Google Assistant to virtually any car. The device features a dual mic array “that leverages noise-reduction technology and advanced audio algorithms to ensure the Google Assistant can hear you clearly in any driving condition.” It has both built-in Bluetooth technology and AUX input to connect to your car. Continue reading Anker Introduces A Nifty Gadget That Will Add Google Assistant To Any Car

This Tiny Accessory Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Thermometer

Smartphones have gone beyond helping you organize your daily live. Given the right accessories, it can do wonder and most importantly, it does so without adding to your home inventory. Here’s another one, a contact-less temperature sensor called Kalt Sensor that plugs into your device’s 3.5mm headphone and works with a companion app to provide you will temperature reading of whatever you desire in real-time. Made by Cleveland-based Robogaia Industries, the Kalt Sensor non-contact thermometer takes advantage of the infrared energy emitted by everyday objects and translates them into temperatures in Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin. Continue reading This Tiny Accessory Will Turn Your Smartphone Into A Thermometer

Truffol Dual Is An OTG Flash Drive Disguised As A Jewelry Piece

and we thought LaCie is the only one who cares about aesthetic of USB storage devices. well, there is a new kid in market who takes the same level of pride in the design and the functionality too. meet the Truffol Dual OTG Flash Drive, which as the name implies, is a USB storage with USB OTG (On-The-Go) functionality, but what the name didn’t say is how pretty it is. what makes the Dual stands out from its competitions is its form. its unibody zinc alloy construction features a curved portion that not only breaks the monotony associated with regular oblong USB drive, but also enhances grip for easy plugging and unplugging of the device. Continue reading Truffol Dual Is An OTG Flash Drive Disguised As A Jewelry Piece

cPulse Case Wants To Add Light Show To Your Android Phone With 128 Multicolored LEDs

there are smartphone protective cases and there are cases that offers to do more than just protection. i believe we have seen quite a bit of the latter, including multi-tool cases, case rigged with camera controllers and even one that adds a second e-ink display to your device. now, you can add lights to the list. the cPulse case by Codlight is not just any lights; it is a protective case pimped out with a bunch of multi-color RGB LEDs – 128 of them, to be exact. the odd thing is, this ‘protective case’, though sleek, will take over your device’s display and with a help of a companion app, allows you to dish out some cool light show. apart from that, you can also customized cPulse to display notifications such as those from Facebook, Twitter, or perhaps, use it as an alarm clock function. you can even use the LEDs for photography in lowlight conditions too. Continue reading cPulse Case Wants To Add Light Show To Your Android Phone With 128 Multicolored LEDs

Dimple NFC Shortcut Buttons For Android Devices

NFC is an awesome invention, but do you really use it? we don’t. for everyone else like us who don’t, Delaware-based Dimple Inc. has a brilliant idea of utilizing your Android devices’ NFC to do things apart from pairing with Bluetooth devices or making payments. the product is simply called Dimple. Dimple is a set of four buttons that’s designed to stick on your NFC-equipped Android devices and together with a companion app, allows you to assign which button triggers what app or action. with it, you can set the buttons to launch your favorite or frequently used app, bring up your favorite contacts list, fire up the LED flash, switch between apps quickly without returning to the home screen, turn on/off Bluetooth or WiFi, or even assign them as music control buttons. basically, what you can assign to those four buttons is pretty much limitless. Continue reading Dimple NFC Shortcut Buttons For Android Devices

Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable

you have been envying Apple users for having so many good stuff like the Kii Sync Cable, but that envy can stop right now as far as sleek sync cable is concerned. meet the Kii Micro USB Sync Cable, a charger/connector that lets you charge and synch on-the-go most mobile devices with extreme portability. designed to resemble a key, the ‘head’ of the key doubles as a protector for the micro USB when not in use and has a key hole in it which you can loop into your keychain along with your house or dorm key so that you will never forget your charge/sync cable again. Continue reading Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable

Leef Access microSD Card Reader For Android

most Android devices in the market sport expandable card slot to facilitate easy transfer of contents between your device and other devices or basically, allows for more storage capacity, but in case yours does not have one, or is hidden away by back cover which makes accessing it a hassle, or you simply want to swap around several microSD cards to access different contents, then the Leef Access might be a solution worthy of your consideration. it works with all Android mobile devices i.e. smartphones and tablets and also supports direct playback of videos from a microSD card. Continue reading Leef Access microSD Card Reader For Android

WindFall Stand For Nexus 7 and GALAXY Tab 3

till today, we often lament about the lack of variety of accessories for Android tablets, much less one that is sleek and stylish, and crafted to suit commercial settings. if you share the same thoughts as us, then we have good news for you. Heckler Design has adapted its beautiful WindFall Stand for Nexus 7, as well as for GALAXY Tab 3 10.1 tablets so you can now use these devices for your point-of-sale setup, tablet-based loyalty systems and more. made from thick, laser-cut steel, the WindFall Stand For Nexus 7 and GALAXY Tab 3 features compatibility with Kensington ClickSafe locks, tamper resistant assembly, and steel brackets that lock the tablet in place, while still offering full access to all buttons, ports, cameras, and NFC sensors. Continue reading WindFall Stand For Nexus 7 and GALAXY Tab 3

Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable

ever find yourself forgetting your USB cable needed for charging your smartphone more often than not? if the answer is ‘yes’ and you happen to be a bracelet guy (or gal), you might want to check out the Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable (officially, known as ‘Cabelet’). as the name suggests, this cable is design to masquerade as a bracelet in beautiful braided leather design, complete with stainless bronze metal clasp to keep things looped (and the connectors safe). like we said, if bracelet is your cup of tea, the Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable might seems like a no-brainer solution for keeping the much needed cable close to you always. Continue reading Kyte&Key Wearable USB Cable

Samsung Smartphone GamePad

remember the then unnamed Samsung GamePad for smartphone we featured nine months ago? the word is, it has been finalized, sporting a different look then the one we have seen earlier and it is available now in select European markets and will be made available to other regions, though not specified where, in coming weeks. gone was the Xbox 360-ish look, the Samsung Smartphone GamePad, as it is now called, uses Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC for connectivity with the smartphone. like the prototype, it has a cradle that can accommodate mobile devices of wide range of sizes, ranging between 4-inch and 6.3-inch and the controller is optimized for devices running Android Jelly Bean or later. Continue reading Samsung Smartphone GamePad