you have been envying Apple users for having so many good stuff like the Kii Sync Cable, but that envy can stop right now as far as sleek sync cable is concerned. meet the Kii Micro USB Sync Cable, a charger/connector that lets you charge and synch on-the-go most mobile devices with extreme portability. designed to resemble a key, the ‘head’ of the key doubles as a protector for the micro USB when not in use and has a key hole in it which you can loop into your keychain along with your house or dorm key so that you will never forget your charge/sync cable again.

Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable

lets face it: forgetting that all important cable is part and parcel of most folks today and keeping it close to something that you will unlikely to forget such as your house keys is kind of a no brainer, well… unless you often forget your keys too. in that case, there isn’t much we could do about it. as with the original Kii, on the end is the regular USB port for plugging into your USB power adapter or computer’s USB port. the Bluelounge Kii Micro USB Sync Cable is available now for just $24.95 a pop.

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