Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger

Redmagic is planning to launch a 150W Smart GaN Charger that screams “gaming!”. The charging brick borrows the aesthetic from the Redmagic line of gaming smartphones, applying the now-in-vogue transparent design on a charging brick which Redmagic describes as a“cool appearance design”.

Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger

This little guy will have all the works, including customizable RGB lighting effects because, why not? You will be able to customize the RGB light element running the perimeter of a transparent window that offers a look at the innards of the charging brick.

It is a multiple-port charging brick that can power up to four devices. The Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger will rock two USB-C ports with a combined output of 140W, one USB-A port with 30W max output, and interestingly, it has a DC 150W barrel port.

I don’t believe we have seen a USB multiple ports charger rocking a DC barrel port before. I don’t believe we have seen a snazzy light-up charging brick either.

Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger

The DC port has a peak power of 180W and is capable of delivering up to 7.5A which will allow it to fast charge high-power gaming laptops. Moreover, it is compatible with USB PD 3.1, allowing max power out of 140W per port (when one device is plugged in, of course).

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With 140W on the tap, it will be able to charge a 16-inch MacBook Pro to 50% in 30 minutes. PD3.0 standard is also supported, allowing it to unleash 100W of max power to supported devices. The charging device is, as its name suggests, powered by Gallium nitride technology to enable efficient, stable, and cool charging.

The Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger specifically uses an advanced “Dao” 5th-generation GaN chip along with a PD3.1 chip.

Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger

Redmagic utilizes Neocharger 4.0 fast charging technology to automatically identify and dynamically allocate the power to each port. The output varies dynamically depending on how much the high-powered equipment plugged into the DC port draws. I think it might be the most dynamic charger we have seen thus far.

I also think this advanced charger is the first to incorporate a 1.47-inch TFT touchscreen display that not only offers essential charging information but also supports live wallpaper when on standby. There is an app that will let you choose the live wallpaper. Now, if this ain’t the fanciest charger we have seen yet…

Rounding up the package is the requisite multiple safety protections, which include overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuit, and over-temperature. Redmagic also promised that the charger will come with “authoritative safety certification”.

Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger

Redmagic will be launching the Redmagic 150W Smart GaN Charger through Kickstarter for “US$1?9”. If you are interested, you may sign up to be notified on the product’s dedicated website as well as on Kickstarter when the campaign goes live on Kickstarter.

Images: Redmagic.