nubia Red Magic 3S: SD 855+, 90 Hz Display, And UFS 3.0 Storage For Under $450

nubia Red Magic 3 was announced not too long ago, but already, there is a new model. Known as nubia Red Magic 3S, this gaming smartphone from ZTE-owned nubia gets a few upgrades, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC, UFS 3.0 storage and an improved liquid cooling system.

nubia Introduced Yet Another Dual Screen Smartphone, But This Time, It Is Heading Out To The U.S.

Less than a year on after introducing a device with dual display, the nubia X, nubia has introduced yet another dual display device. However unlike the nubia X, the nubia z20, as it is called, will be setting sail for other countries other than its home market.

nubia Red Magic 3 Revealed, Has Built-in Cooling Fan, Records 8K Video

ZTE’s sub-brand, nubia, has unveiled a new device that has mobile gaming on its cross hair. For those unacquainted, Red Magic is the de facto gaming focused series of the handset maker. Aesthetically, the nubia Red Magic 3 looks much the Red Magic Mars – a device that is available internationally, but under the hood, […]

ZTE AXON S And AXON V Have Interesting Ways Of Getting Rid Of The Notch

This season, it is about how to lose the annoying notch on smartphones and it looks like ZTE Corporation is leading the pack with two upcoming smartphones called ZTE AXON S and AXON V. Now, we can’t vouch for the authenticity of the former, but the latter was found filed as a submission for iF […]

Here’s the First Gaming Smartphone From Nubia: Red Magic Mars

If you haven’t already heard, ZTE-owned nubia has also gotten into the business of gaming smartphone. The device it is bring to the gaming table is nubia Red Magic Mars, announced last November. And mind you, this isn’t just a device that marketeers brand it as a gaming smartphone. It does have some chops that […]

nubia X Has Dual Display. One Front And The Other, On The Back

The nubia X isn’t the newest device from nubia, but like the wearable smartphone, it is worthy of a mention simply because, it has two displays. If I am not wrong it is the world’s first dual-screen smartphone to flaunt two displays on one device. No folding or whatsoever. In addition to the front display, […]

nubia Alpha Proper Smartphone That You Wear On Your Wrist

Smartwatch with GPS and built-in eSIM or SIM card tray does not exactly make the smartwatch a mobile phone, much less a smartphone, but this: the nubia Alpha is a full-fledged smartphone designed to be worn on the wrist. Yes. It is indeed a wearable smartphone with flexible display and it is not only real; […]

nubia Goes International With Flagship Bezel-less Z11 Smartphone

Most people are not fond of the bezel on smartphones, but no one hates it like ZTE Mobile Corporation-own nubia. In fact, the mobile phone maker loathes it so much that it has try all ways and means to get rid of at least the sides to attain a perfect ‘borderless’ design. It did so, […]

ZTE Unveils Blade D6 for Select Markets and Dabbles in Home Automation

At last week’s Mobile World Congress Shanghai, ZTE unveiled a new Blade handset that has an uncanny resemblance to iPhone 6. Not withstanding the ‘copy’, we kind of like its look, though we can’t say the same for the specs. It is obviously not a flagship. In fact, the Blade line has never been a […]

ZTE Introduces Flagship Smartphone and Its First Smartwatch in China

ZTE had a pretty huge one two days ago in China. During an even at Water Cube in the Chinese capital, Beijing, the handset maker launched the new flagship phone, Axon Phone, which debuted in the U.S. last week and also unveiled the company’s first smartwatch, dubbed Axon Watch. July 21 also marks the debut […]