nubia Music Smartphone

Every smartphone comes equipped with at least one built-in speaker. However, it doesn’t matter whether it has one or two speakers, as they will never match the quality of a small boombox. Well, that may not be the case if you have nubia Music.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month, ZTE’s nubia debuted several devices, including the nubia Music, a smartphone that has a speaker slapped on its back. And mind you though. It isn’t just any speaker; it’s a DTS:X Ultra speaker, bolstered by an AI volume algorithm.

nubia Music Smartphone

While we’re unsure if it can compare to a small boombox, nubia claims that this back speaker provides a volume 600% higher than that of typical Android phones.

True to its name as a music phone, the nubia Music also boasts not just one but two 3.5 mm earphone jacks, allowing two people to enjoy music privately together. In terms of design, it adopts a youthful, fun theme.

The colorful design is showcased on a holographic optical film, and the speaker shares the same space as the camera bump. The black speaker grille and a red center with DTS:X branding is a nod to a turntable, further reinforcing its reputation as a music-centric smartphone.

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There’s also a special UI for the built-in music player, though we cannot confirm this. The phone is said to feature breathing light effects as well but I believe that will be on the UI.

Beyond its potential function as a boombox, not much is known about this device. We do know it is powered by a chip with an octa-core processor and offers “large storage” and up to 8GB of dynamic RAM.

It also boasts a 50MP HD dual camera which is pretty much what it can accommodate anyways. The display is a 6.6” HD+ with a 90Hz refresh rate, and it has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor that screams to be noticed in its red hue. There don’t seem to be more details available at this point.

It is a real product btw. It is set to be available sometime this year, starting at US$149. Obviously, it’s not expected to be available in the United States.

Images: nubia.