you have admit that however you try customizing your PC, it somehow still look like ‘just another PC’. we can’t put our fingers on it, it just feel so. which is why, the R-Kaid Revelation Gaming System by Love Hulten easily stands out from the horde of custom rigs. it doesn’t have that futuristic look. no, actually it does have, but in a very Sputnik way. a kind of retro futuristic feel, if we may describe it as. beneath the classy walnut enclosure, this all-in-one gaming system is anything but retro.

it features two wireless joysticks that are stowed within the chassis seamlessly when not in use and a transparent, backlit LCD that intentionally showoff the innards of the machine when not powered up. the latter is arguably the single most ‘futuristic’ feature that defines this machine. i mean, you won’t find another around either commercially or as custom set that is bold enough to employ such a non-widely adopted advanced technology. on the gaming aspect, it has a custom interface dedicated to over 12,000 pre-installed games and it is a dual-boot machine too, meaning it could also boot into Windows for PC-based game titles if so desired.

running the clockwork is an Intel i5 processor, supported by 8GB of system RAM, while a GTX 670 GPU with 2GB VRAM deals with the graphics duty. the aforementioned joysticks are a throwback to the old school arcade and serves as the game controller for the onboard classic games. there is a wooden Bluetooth backlit keyboard and a retro style mouse that, when not in use, stows away on the top of this all-in-one gaming system, blending in with the rest of the system.

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kudos to Love Hulten for creating such an awesome rig that leaves us in awe, yet again. however, we shouldn’t be surprised as Hulten is no stranger in creating brilliant custom machines like this; we have previously drooled over the R-Kaid-6 Arcade Machine and the Sputnik 0667 PC case, among the many others. you may not have a chance to lay your hands on one, but as a consolation, we have some awesome images for you to drool/ogle over and while you are there, you might also want to check out a product introductory video to learn more.

p.s. we heartfelt thank you to Love Hulten for sending us the beautiful, high-resolution images. we really appreciate it a ton.

Love Hulten via The Verge

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