Virtuix Omni One Omni-directional Treadmill For VR Gaming Looks Like An Action Figure Stand For Humans

Austin, Texas-based Virtuix is in the business of making VR games more realistic with omni-directional treadmill for moving through the virtual environments, is now planning to bring the technology to your home. Called Omni One, this consumer version of omni-directional treadmill offers 360-degree experience for incredible immersion.

Yaw VR Is A Fully Functional VR Motion Simulator That Costs Just $890

If you are into VR gaming, especially VR games that involve driving or flying, well, this is the VR motion simulator you want in your life: Yaw VR Compact Portable Motion Simulator. Before you shy away and making excuses saying that you don’t have tens of thousands, or the space to accommodate one, you have […]

R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Has A Big Brother That Lets Two Game Together

Take your love for arcade gaming anywhere with the Cary42, a portable arcade gaming device created by the very talented Love Hulten. Inspired by attaché cases, the Cary42 is the updated big brother of the R-Kaid-R from a few years ago. Not only is it larger, it is also a tad more ‘sociable’ now because […]

HP Omen X VR Backpack Is Finally A Reality, But At A Cost Of An Arm Or A Leg

I am not going lie. I did not follow closely with the upcoming ‘trend’ of virtual reality backpack and therefore, it now comes as a surprise to me that the HP’s virtual reality backpack, dubbed Omen X, has not been shipped until today. OK. Technically speaking, it is not shipping today because, at the time […]

This $25K DIY VR Racing Simulator Will Make You Want To Play Dirt Rally So Bad

Forget about driving simulators that cost hundreds of thousands. YouTuber by the handle of machkun1 has cobbled up together a $25K racing simulator that’s sure to blow the minds of driving simulator enthusiasts. What you see here is a R-craft motion simulator which comprises of a R-craft multi-axes motion simulator, SimXperience Accuforce pro (force feedback […]

Here’s The Limited Edition MSI Trident 3 In Cool, Icy White Color

Usually gaming rig is defined by the color black, but if black is not your cuppa and you need a powerful off-the-shelf rig, well, then here’s the MSI Trident 3 VR7RD-048US Arctic Limited Edition Gaming PC for you. Based on the award winning Trident 3 introduced earlier this year, Arctic Limited Edition, as the product […]

Lenovo’s Razer Edition Is The Closest Thing You’ll Get To A Razer Desktop

Ever wonder how will a Razer desktop look like? Well, then look no further than the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition Gaming Desktop PC. Granted, the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition is not exactly a Razer’s own desktop gaming rig, but rest assure that you will have all your Razer-oriented gaming needs in one uber sleek desktop […]

MSI Usher The Era Of Virtual Reality With Lighter And Slimmer Backpack PC

So, the Backpack PC we read about back in June is not what MSI has in mind about a wearable gaming computer. Lets just chuck that aside and meet MSI’s newest iteration of the soon-to-be-hot PC-on-your-back movement. Dubbed VR One (not to be confused with ZEISS VR One headset), MSI is quick to stake claim […]

MSI Show Off Backpack PC For Virtual Reality At Computex Taipei 2016

What’s the biggest thing this season? Virtual Reality. Well, not just Virtual Reality, but Virtual Reality backpacks. Why? Because nobody wants to be tripping over cables when there’s a VR headset glued to their heads and because VR should be mobile. As it turns out, HP isn’t the only company tinkering with the idea of […]

HP Is Developing A VR Backpack That Will Cut The Cords In Virtual Reality

You know how some sci-fi depicts virtual reality? They simply put on a goggle and the actor magically appears in a VR world, but in reality, you will need more than just a goggle. Sure, it can be done, powered by a smartphone, but it is going to need more crunching power than a pocket-size […]