A gaming laptop does not actually let you gamine anywhere. It lacks a critical component for gaming anywhere: a desk. That’s not to mention laptops usually lack the raw power of a PC. This age-old dilemma of gaming laptops or gaming desktops remains, well, that’s until BASE comes along.

UNEVN BASE Portable Gaming Setup

BASE is a portable gaming setup that comes with a high-end computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, and believe it or not, a gaming desk. The desk itself is the computer, by the way, and it has the space to stow away a monitor up to 27 inches with adjustable distance and height, and a mouse and keyboard in it.

The brainchild of Finnish esports company UNEVN (pronounced Uneven) founded by Aleksi and Santeri Rinkinen together with former Dota 2 world champion Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, the new BASE is designed with pro-e-athletes and pro-to-be in mind.

UNEVN BASE Portable Gaming Setup

But is BASE a PC or laptop? Well, it is kind of like a laptop, except that it uses PC components, including GPUs that laptop many users clamor for, and it is also a desk. When it is time to move, it folds down in under a minute, allowing you to pack the entire setup for boot camps and whatnot.

The desk – which is the entire setup basically – measures 27 inches deep (68 cm) and 45 inches wide (114 cm), and it has a height adjustable from 21 to 33 inches (54 – 82 cm) which means it can be like bed tray or a full-fledge table. UNEVN BASE has to be the craziest thing coming from the gaming PC industry thus far.

UNEVN BASE Portable Gaming Setup

It is configurable, obviously, and if anyone’s interested, it has a base price of €1,290 (about US$1391). You can learn more about this exciting new gaming rig at unevn.gg or configure your very own HERE.

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Images: UNEVN.

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