We came across this concept jacket a couple of weeks ago but we contemplated if we share this because the web has literally zero information aside from the source we found it. I hate it when we cannot link it to a source but damn it, this is too awesome not to share.

Napow Concept Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda

Anyways, what you see here is a sleeveless jacket or vest designed for taking a wink during a commute. Anyone who has slept while on a bus or train would know the pain. In the midst of our journey into the dark abyss of sleep, our head is not in our control.

It leans side to side, back, and fore. Sometimes drawing the disdain tsk treatment and frown from fellow commuters beside us. That’s not to mention the strained neck from the involuntary head movement powered by the initial force of public transport and gravity.

Napow Concept Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda

The jacket, called Napow (Nap On The Way) by Loris Dadda, solves this pain. At a glance, Napow looks like a straitjacket with all the nylon straps and plastic snap lock buckles but they are necessary to restrain the head from going places when the user is lost in his or her sleep when seated.

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The jacket has a hood with an integrated eye mask for an undisturbed nap. With the jacket and hood properly securely, the head will not go too far to the sides or front and back. It will, as I have said, keep your head restrained. In addition to the restraints, the collar is padded with a double layer of polyurethane for a cozy napping experience.

Napow Concept Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda
Napow Concept Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda

Images: Loris Dadda via Yanko Design.

via Yanko Design.

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