Transformers Autobots Go High-Fashion This Hasbro x Bobby Abley Collab

Cartoon/anime-theme clothes are no longer just for kids. Not only that, it has been inducted into high fashion for a while now. We have seen quite a handful of late, including Lowe’s collab with Studio Ghibli, and Gucci x Doremon – just to name a couple. Now, we heard the man who turned cartoon clothes …

IKEA FRAKTA Bag Fashion Pieces: Is It Real Or Yet Another Convincing April Fool’s Prank?

We came across a post about FRAKTA-based fashion on IKEA UK’s Instagram account. We were obviously skeptical because it was posted on April 1st and you know any product news posted on this day is a possible prank. Then again, fashion pieces based on the Swedish furniture maker’s iconic blue bag are not new and …

Carhartt x The Batman Limited-Edition Collection

For the first time in the history of live-action Batman movies, there is a Batman movie that actually hints that Bruce Wayne did roll up his sleeves to work on his gadgets and gears, including the Batmobile. Granted, we never actually see him in action and therefore, we will never know what was he wearing …

PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket Has Fall Detection Too

There’s a smartphone-controlled heated jacket and now, there’s a jacket that has a configurable lighting system AND fall detection, and it is sustainable too. The PYKRS Connected Sustainable Jacket, as it is called, may not offer smartphone control like LEVI’s trucker jacket and the Zegna Sport Icon Jacket but it is super high-tech nonetheless.

Fashion Apocalypse: Louis Vuitton Wants To Walk Around With Puppets Hanging Off You

While we do not know if you will able to turn heads with the wearable city jackets, Louis Vuitton has a few pieces of winter wear you can buy now that will have just the same level of head-turning effect. Folks, these are the Louis Vuitton Pupper Baseball Jacket and Hoodie.