Meet Pilloon, A Travel Jacket With Integrated Travel Pillow And Eye Mask

Here’s a brilliant travel jacket that we just stumble upon called Pilloon Jacket by Hong Kong-based company AirOgo. It was a funded Kickstarter campaign from 2018. Not sure why we didn’t catch it when it appeared, but anyways, it is not too late to know. Pilloon Jacket is no ordinary jacket. It is the first […]

Make Yourself Feel Like A Hero With This Armstrong Space Suit Hoodie

Not everyone can be an astronaut. Even when space travel becomes a reality in near future, you can’t quite call yourself an astronaut. However, you can look like an astronaut, here on Earth, with this super realistic 3D Armstrong Space Suit Hoodie. Just add your own helmet, pants and space boots, and you are good […]

Upcoming Devil May Cry 5 Has The Most Exorbitantly Priced Bundles

Game bundle is not new, but what’s new is how much game bundle can cost. You must be thinking: “how expensive can a video game with bunch of other items can get right?” Well, let me tell you this: the new reality is, it can get very, very expensive. So expensive that I would even […]

Check Out This Handsome Rain Jacket From Mission Workshop

When it comes to rain wear or jacket, no one seems to know better than Mission Workshop. The Sans Microlight Rain Jacket you see here is another example. It is a 3-layer jacket that is both waterproof and windproof, and with a weight of just 5.6 oz. (about 156g), it is among the lightest waterproof […]

I Would Love To Have The North Face x Comme des Garçons Outerwears, But My Wallet Shrieks In Horror

There is something particularly alluring about gray and orange combo; it drew me to this new collection from a new collab by The North Face and Japanese fashion label Comme des Garçons. What you see here are outwears inspired by North Face’s heritage. With this new for FW18 collection, Junya Watanabe once again demonstrates his […]

At £3.5M, Infinity Is The World’s Most Expensive Jacket

It ain’t heavy, it is just a £3.5 million denim jacket. OK. It is not ‘just’ because, £3.5 million (about US$4.6 million) is hell lot of money. It is a fortune, but you know, some folks are just freaking rich. So freaking rich that they have no qualm about dropping astronomical sum for something as […]

Vollebak’s Insanely Hardcore 100 Year Hoodie Is Made From Kevlar Fibers

You may have seen the 100 Year Hoodie before, but make no mistake because, this one here is different. Way different. This piece here, though still referred to as “hoodie,” is essentially a jacket and it is fashioned from 100 percent Kevlar. Yes. You heard that right. It is made from the same space age […]

Cortèz’s New Outerwear Collection Oozes With Style And Features

From the maker of the sleek outerwear that comes with RECCO rescue system, comes a new outwear collection that boasts over 20 new features all-in-one 3-layer shell jackets, 3-shell layer pants, and a full-size fleece jackets. We don’t know what to say, man. The collection is like Cortèz Outerwear’s first; it is sleek, functional and […]

Fear of God x Marvel Black Panther Cast-only Jacket Auctioned Off

Here’s something you can’t buy, but we are going let you in on it anyhow. What see here is a Black Panther Cast-Only Bespoke Emmanuel Jacket based on Michael B. Jordan’s custom “Killmonger” example. I have no idea if you will be able to score this Fear of God and Marvel Studios collaborative piece. but […]

We Just Can’t Help It. This Raincoat Is So Cool, We Have To Show It To You Guys

You know raincoats? If you hardly use them, then it is safe to say your impression of one is that is worn by Paddington Bear. Nope. In fact, raincoat can be so much cooler and the Styrman Ultralight Raincoat by Mission Workshop proves the point. Styrman Ultralight Raincoat is Mission Workshop’s take of the classic […]