Wearable Prototype Lenovo Tab War Collection

Tech and fashion mix all the time. Razer is one tech lifestyle company that is fond of dressing up its customers. Lenovo is getting into it too but not like how Razer does it. Where Razer’s pieces, whether it’s their own or collaborative, are focused on fashion, Lenovo wants to merge tech with fashion.

Wearable Prototype Lenovo Tab War Collection

Lenovo has partnered with fashion designers to create the wearable prototype Lenovo Tab Wear Collection, a unique concept that integrates Lenovo tablet devices into garments. The collection is designed to promote “me time,” allowing individuals to prioritize their well-being and leisure activities with the convenience of wearable tech.

The collaboration includes designers RANRA, Kit Wan Studios, and Maium, each contributing their distinct styles and functionality to the collection.

Examples include a noise-canceling anorak with a packable tablet harness, a modular techno-armor exoskeleton for streetwear, and a jacket that transforms into an inflatable hammock.

Wearable Prototype Lenovo Tab War Collection

These innovative designs combine fashion and technology to enhance personal leisure experiences and address evolving needs.

It is not clear how and when you can buy this avant-garde fashion collection, though. However, if you are mildly interested, you may hit up the official product page to learn more about each piece.

Images: Lenovo.