Lenovo Yoga Book 9i Dual-screen OLED Laptop: Naturally, Dual-screen

Having a multi-monitor setup proposed by Mobile Pixels is cool and all but what if you want that same setup to go wherever you go? Well, that my friends, Lenovo has the solution and it ain’t no concept. Unveiled at CES last week is a pretty revolutionary laptop called Lenovo Yoga Book 9i.

Lenovo Go Desk Station With Webcam: The Ultimate Desk Declutting Gadget

Thinking of decluttering your tabletop? If so, Lenovo may have something for you. The Lenovo Go Desk Station is a webcam, a USB hub, and a wireless charger, and it is a desk lamp too. All these functions are cleverly integrated into a beautiful, minimalistic, and yet somewhat futuristic design.

MOZI Is A Strange Laptop That Has A Projector Instead Of A Screen

Lenovo’s PC R&D and manufacturing base LCFC (Hefei) Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. [CH] has designed a laptop that left us stumped. We are not sure if it is a laptop first or a projector because, this laptop, dubbed MOZI Notebook, has a built-in projector instead of a screen and it has a keyboard that retracts …