Lenovo Wants Tablets To Become Smart Hubs With Yoga Smart Tab And Lenovo Smart Tab M8

Tablets, according to Lenovo, are now smart hubs too, and the company is pushing the point with two new smart Android-powered tablets with Google Assistant: Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8.

Lenovo’s New Android Tablets Are Super Affordable And Look Kinda Sleek

If you are in the market for affordable tablet(s), you may want to wait it out for two new devices from Lenovo: Lenovo Tab M7 and Lenovo Tab M8. The duo is the latest to join Lenovo Android tablet family. Now, you how “budget” tablets tend to not just sacrifice the specs but also the […]

Lenovo Announces Marvel Dimension Of Heroes Augmented Reality Game For Lenovo Mirage AR

Good news, super fans of Marvel. Your dream of becoming kicking infamous super villains from the Marvel universe as a bona fide superhero is here. Following the launch of the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges back in 2017, Lenovo and Marvel now brings you the new Marvel Dimension of Heroes on Lenovo Mirage AR.

Lenovo Previewed The World’s First Foldable PC (That Is Also A Mini Laptop)

It goes like this: the market was stimulated by folding phone and then folding phone proved it is not ready for prime time. So, folding phone won’t be appearing anytime soon. Meanwhile, Lenovo did not unveiled a folding phone like Samsung, Huawei, Royole and Xiaomi did; instead they have this: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Foldable PC. […]

Did VP Of Lenovo Group Just Hinted That Z6 Pro Will Have A 100 MP Camera?

Is this for real??? In a post on Weibo by Lenovo Group’s VP, Chang Cheng (Edward Chang), on the imminent arrival of the Lenovo Z6 Pro, it was accompanied with a teaser image that says 联想 Z6 Pro 亿级像素 along with the words “hyper video.” The latter was something already made known at the MWC […]

Lenovo Announced Annual Sale Event With Up To 50 Percent Discount

The craziest thing in the personal computing industry just happens. Lenovo has announced that Annual Sale and Technology Deals Event is on. The Lenovo Annual Sale kicks off today (March 14) and will continue through to Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Part of the sales event include a daily and hourly doorbusters where you will find […]

Meet Yoga And X1, Lenovo’s Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Ecosystem is the key in reining more profits and nurture brand loyalty. Such is what companies like Razer is doing and it appears that Lenovo is doing the same. Not only the computer maker is churning out new laptops at the Mobile World Congress, it has also two noise cancellation headphones to complements Lenovo’s laptops: […]

Lenovo Sound Cube Headphone Is Not Out-Of-The-Box, It Literally Is The Box

Headphone designs almost always revolved around the same circular or elliptical design, or in somewhat rather rare cases, in rectangular form. After seeing the norm all these while, it is refreshing to see this design from current Logitech industrial designer Erick Yongook Guack. We noticed Erick posted this boxy cans way back in 2012 and […]

Mirage Solo, The First Standalone Daydream VR Headset, Is Now Available

First announced in January, the first standalone Daydream VR headset, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and the first camera built for VR180, Lenovo Mirage Camera, are now available for purchase. And boy, are they pricey. Well, at least the VR headset is when compared to the Oculus Go. Anyways, you are looking at a starting price of […]

Your Dream Of Wielding A Lightsaber As A Jedi Is Finally Coming True!

Since the 70s, Star Wars has captured the imagination of sci-fi buffs the world over. Among the tech depicted, though fictional, that has fans enthralled would be the Lightsaber. How nice if Lightsaber is real? The prospect of wielding the futuristic energy blade-equipped sword and wishing the worst on your enemy is strangely satisfying. It […]