So you have bought yourself a Lenovo Legion 9i (16”, 8) Gaming Laptop and desire to game anywhere so that you can show people how cool your gaming laptop with a self-contained water-cool system is. Well if so, Lenovo also has you covered too.

Lenovo Legion 16-inch Gaming Backpack GB700

Along with the Legion 9i, Lenovo has also introduced two gaming backpacks: the Lenovo Legion 16” Gaming Backpack GB700 and the Lenovo Legion 16” Gaming Backpack GB400. Gamers can choose between these options based on their preferences.

The GB700, with a 20L capacity, offers robust protection with bumper protectors and a PU-coated exterior. It features a customizable main compartment and 12 pockets for gear and accessories. It’s comfortable to carry with X-shaped luggage straps and reflective trim.

On the other hand, the GB400 is designed for lightweight and agile travelers. It has an anti-theft magnetic lock, X-shaped luggage straps, and easy access to the 16-inch laptop sleeve. There are pockets for tablets, gaming devices, power adapters, and peripherals.

Lenovo Legion 16-inch Gaming Backpack GB400

These backpacks cater to gamers’ needs while ensuring the safety and convenience of their laptops and accessories.

The Lenovo Legion 16” Gaming Backpack GB700 and the Lenovo Legion 16” Gaming Backpack GB400 are supposed to be available this month. So far, we have yet to locate in the U.S.

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However, we found these cool laptop bags listed on Lenovo Australia’s website going for AU$79 and AU$129 for the GB400 and GB700, respectively.

Images: Lenovo.

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