TUMI X Razer Collection Is Here. No, Wait. Wait. It’s Gone.

On June 1, Razer announced over Twitter a collaboration with travel gear/luggage maker TUMI. Yes. Not even a proper press release which is strange. The TUMI X Razer Collection, which is limited to just 1,337 pieces, went on sale on June 3. It was sold out on the 15.

Here’s The New Razer Tactical Backpack For When We Can Finally Step Outside

Be a socially responsible person. Don’t go out unless it is for essentials. And not going out means, it does not make anyone want a new backpack. However, looking at the new Razer Tactical Backpack V2, you may find yourself wanting to be prepared when we finally see the light at the end of the …

The Gfeller Document Case by Best Made Co.: Uber Stylish Document Case That’s Hard to Ignore

If you haven’t already gone paperless and travels quite a bit, then we suppose you still need a document bag, or in this case, a document case for all your papers and writing materials. If so, here’s one coming from Best Made Co., dubbed Gfeller Document Case, that should appeal to style-conscious, paper-loving folks. Made …

Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products

the Y.O.D.A Carbon Fiber and Wool Felt Products bear no relation to the alien-saint Yoda in Star Wars and the folks who started this line of awesome products certainly don’t speak like that little green sage (hear for yourself in pledge video below). anyway, if your idea of awesome accessories is carbon fiber

Booq Viper Courier Laptop Bag

traveling with a laptop is not as simple as just packing the laptop and go; it is more than that. along with the laptop, you have a host of ancillary items to go with it like the power adapter, mouse and mouse pad, and since you are traveling you probably have other essentials such as shades, smartphone and perhaps, a notebook/magazine or two.

OGIO GAMBIT 17 Laptop Backpack

you must have really good memories to be using a bag like the OGIO GAMBIT 17 Laptop Backpack. with a plethora of pockets, we won’t surprised if you forgot where puts what. trust me. it happens. but hey, we are not complaining, especially when those pockets are tailor made for gadget freaks like us. so what’s in it?

Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray

there is absolutely nothing wrong with gears in white hue but like everything else in this world, white may not be the cup of English Breakfast for everyone. just look at iPhone, still there are people going for the black model, isn’t it? speaking of which, that armadillo-style (or origami-style, if you prefer) hardshell backpack from Solid Gray we featured a couple months ago is…

Hard Graft Old School Laptop Rucksack

getting bitten by the thrown back bug? or you just needed something really stylish for your MacBook Pro with Retina Display? whatever’s your reason, there’s no reason for looking past this uber cool Hard Graft Old School Laptop Rucksack. it is designed first and foremost to beckon you to use it. don’t believe? just check out the gallery after the break and judge for yourself…

Solid Gray Backpack

seriously, if you are all paranoia about protecting your gadgets, a soft-shell bag is never going to cut it. to set your paranoia mood at ease, you will need a backpack like the Solid Gray Backpack – a lightweight, folding hardshell backpack constructed of polypropene and features an internal lined with durable EPDM foam and straps to…


what does an architect has to do with backpack? nothing much, except when he or she is using one. however, you will be surprise how good will a backpack look when it’s touch by award-winning international designer and architect, Dror Benshetrit. the DROR For TUMI Backpack integrates Dror’s avant-garde design with TUMI’s tradition of design…