Solid Gray Backpack

Solid Gray Backpack (L-R) white-white, white-script, and white-black
Solid Gray Backpack | €139.00 |

seriously, if you are all paranoia about protecting your gadgets, a soft-shell bag is never going to cut it. to set your paranoia mood at ease, you will need a backpack like the Solid Gray Backpack – a lightweight, folding hardshell backpack constructed of polypropene and features an internal lined with durable EPDM foam and straps to protect and hold down your precious hardware. additionally, there is a second pocket that offers storage for your smaller items. the flexible properties of the material used plus a dual of folding lines on the back promised to make carrying this pack a comfortable experience, so don’t let the all-round hardshell design fool you as far as user comfort goes. the Solid Gray Backpack offers storage for tablets and laptops up to 15-inch and is available in three guise: white-black, white-script, and white-white and carries a price tag starting from €139 or about US$170.

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