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Booq Flow Returns As Graphite, Might Be The Most Rounded Gadget Bag, Ever

we have seen countless gadget bags, but none of which actually covers every aspect of a modern gadget-loaded road warrior. with the Booq Flow Graphite Backpack, it takes a bold attempt to cover all tracks, swallowing up anything from a 17-inch MacBook or PC laptop to a DSLR camera to full-size headphones, and anything in between. we noted the eventual weight this otherwise lightweight backpack will weigh, but if you really need everything, means you need everything – there’s no other way. the key here is, with the Flow Graphite backpack you will be able to bring it all on your back and that’s all it matters. on the inside, it features a densely padded laptop compartment for your laptop, while a plethora of pockets, inside and out, keeps all you need safely tucked away and easily accessible. Continue reading Booq Flow Returns As Graphite, Might Be The Most Rounded Gadget Bag, Ever

OGIO GAMBIT 17 Laptop Backpack

you must have really good memories to be using a bag like the OGIO GAMBIT 17 Laptop Backpack. with a plethora of pockets, we won’t surprised if you forgot where puts what. trust me. it happens. but hey, we are not complaining, especially when those pockets are tailor made for gadget freaks like us. so what’s in it? well, for starter it has a dedicated fleece lined top loading laptop compartment that can swallow up to 17″ laptops, a crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner for more delicate gadgets, padded mouse/digital camera pocket, a quick access expandable phone pocket, a pair of zippered side utility pockets – just to name a few. Continue reading OGIO GAMBIT 17 Laptop Backpack

Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray

Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray
Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray | €139.00 | solid-gray.com

there is absolutely nothing wrong with gears in white hue but like everything else in this world, white may not be the cup of English Breakfast for everyone. just look at iPhone, still there are people going for the black model, isn’t it? speaking of which, that armadillo-style (or origami-style, if you prefer) hardshell backpack from Solid Gray we featured a couple months ago is now available in a dirt-friendlier Dark Gray hue other than the ‘usual’ white flavor. beyond the new colorway, you will still get the same sci-fi look, folding hardshell backpack Continue reading Solid Gray Backpack in Dark Gray

EO Travel Collection by Incase

EO Travel Collection by Incase
EO Travel Collection by Incase | from US$149.95 | goincase.com

traveling and gadgets don’t go hand-in-hand, especially with the tightened airport security and not to mention that these days, we have more than just a single laptop to bring with us. this is where EO Travel Collection by Incase can help. the collection consists of five travel bags: Hardshell Roller, Roller, Roller Brief, Backpack and Duffel – all designed to make your security check ordeal a little more painless. following the Incase’s tradition of clean, minimalist design mantra, all bags are carry-on compliant with most airlines and feature dedicated padded compartments Continue reading EO Travel Collection by Incase

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags
Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags | from US$44.95 | www.bluelounge.com

black is not always the new black in town. it might be for gadgets but for the bags that those gadgets are stashed in, sometime a little more adventurous color such as Rust could be pretty sleek too. meet the Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags. it is still the same Eco-Friendly Bags made out of 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles that result in a soft matte finish fabric that is not only friendly to your gadgets but naturally, earth-friendly. features include chocolate brown straps that goes really well with the new Rust color Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Rust Series Bags

Solid Gray Backpack

Solid Gray Backpack (L-R) white-white, white-script, and white-black
Solid Gray Backpack | €139.00 | solid-gray.com

seriously, if you are all paranoia about protecting your gadgets, a soft-shell bag is never going to cut it. to set your paranoia mood at ease, you will need a backpack like the Solid Gray Backpack – a lightweight, folding hardshell backpack constructed of polypropene and features an internal lined with durable EPDM foam and straps to protect and hold down your precious hardware. additionally, there is a second pocket that offers storage for your smaller items. Continue reading Solid Gray Backpack

Ducati Collection by iSkin

Ducati Collection by iSkin
(image: iSkin) Ducati Collection by iSkin | from US$70.00 | www.iskin.com

if you own a slew of gadgets and demands consistency in each and every bag you use to tote them around, then iSkin and Ducati has line of premium bags that will surprise you. announced earlier this month is a host of “performance-inspired” carriers (aka bags), holders and sleeves for your laptops, tablets, cameras, and any conceivable mobile gadgets of today. the collection features bold design in an easily recognizable color scheme of red, black and/or white and are crafted from premium Italian nylon fabric. these bags (or carriers, if you prefer) offer protection to your gadgets while on the road, with an unmistakable stylishness. there are a total of eleven carriers, holders and sleeves that will suit iPad 2 (or tablets of similar size), netbooks, 13 to 15-inch laptops, cameras and other small mobile devices. Continue reading Ducati Collection by iSkin

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags

Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags 900x400px
(photos: Bluelounge) Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags | from US$44.95 | www.bluelounge.com

being a tech lifestyle enthusiast, you probably have loads of gadgets and hence, you are face with the challenging issue of how to lug all of them along with you in your daily commute. let’s be honest: the market is not shortage of bags to take it all but as a style connoisseur, we would opt for something more stylish like the new Bonobo Series Bags from Bluelounge. though, we would love to have more color options other than black. anyway, the Bonobo Series collection include a iPad sleeve ($44.95), laptop sleeves ($49.95 – $59.95), laptop totes ($129 – $149), a messenger bag ($139), as well as a backpack ($159). in short, the Bonobo Series has something to suit all your gadgets-toting needs. style and functions are not all the Bonobo Series is about. Continue reading Bluelounge Bonobo Series Bags