Ducati Collection by iSkin

Ducati Collection by iSkin
(image: iSkin) Ducati Collection by iSkin | from US$70.00 | www.iskin.com

if you own a slew of gadgets and demands consistency in each and every bag you use to tote them around, then iSkin and Ducati has line of premium bags that will surprise you. announced earlier this month is a host of “performance-inspired” carriers (aka bags), holders and sleeves for your laptops, tablets, cameras, and any conceivable mobile gadgets of today. the collection features bold design in an easily recognizable color scheme of red, black and/or white and are crafted from premium Italian nylon fabric. these bags (or carriers, if you prefer) offer protection to your gadgets while on the road, with an unmistakable stylishness. there are a total of eleven carriers, holders and sleeves that will suit iPad 2 (or tablets of similar size), netbooks, 13 to 15-inch laptops, cameras and other small mobile devices. designs in the collection include messenger bag, sports bag, backpack, tote bag, sleeves and cases. our favorite got to be the Lil Keeper, a compact carrier that’s designed to keep your camera or smartphone safe and sound. we just adore the puffy look of the Lil Keeper. prices range from $70 for the Lil Keeper and runs up to $365 for the Jimmy bag. the Ducati Collection by iSkin is available now from iSkin online store. more images follows after the break.

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