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Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

spur of the moment type photographers will surely appreciate what the new Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack has to offer. for starter, it looks every bit of awesome and despite the compact form, it managed to pack a series of pockets and a main camera compartment with configurable plush red padded interior that not only protects your gears, but also makes your predominantly black gears stand out and thus, facilitates easy retrieval. seriously, black on black is no fun, especially true when light source is not favorable. the bag is totally capable of swallowing up up to two DSLRs, up to four mid-size lenses, one large zoom lens, a tripod, plus a 10-inch class tablet such as the iPad (without case) – and thanks to the aforementioned generously padded divider, how you are going to use and organize your photography gears is entirely up to you. Continue reading Booq Python Slimpack Camera Backpack

Outex Waterproof Camera Housing

DSLR is pricey, but dedicated underwater camera rig is even more so. so if you are looking to take a dive with your precious DSLR, or simply wished your pro shooter could brave all kinds of elements, the Outex Waterproof Camera Housing will have those covered. so what the heck is an Outex Waterproof Camera Housing anyway? well, it is essentially a waterproof case for your favorite snapper, but instead of the usual hard plastic case, it comes in a small, lightweight, malleable design that hermetically seals your imaging equipment from the elements, while still offer you the tactile file and access to all of your camera’s control, buttons, and knobs. Continue reading Outex Waterproof Camera Housing

Ducati Collection by iSkin

Ducati Collection by iSkin
(image: iSkin) Ducati Collection by iSkin | from US$70.00 | www.iskin.com

if you own a slew of gadgets and demands consistency in each and every bag you use to tote them around, then iSkin and Ducati has line of premium bags that will surprise you. announced earlier this month is a host of “performance-inspired” carriers (aka bags), holders and sleeves for your laptops, tablets, cameras, and any conceivable mobile gadgets of today. the collection features bold design in an easily recognizable color scheme of red, black and/or white and are crafted from premium Italian nylon fabric. these bags (or carriers, if you prefer) offer protection to your gadgets while on the road, with an unmistakable stylishness. there are a total of eleven carriers, holders and sleeves that will suit iPad 2 (or tablets of similar size), netbooks, 13 to 15-inch laptops, cameras and other small mobile devices. Continue reading Ducati Collection by iSkin

Cam Crate – weather proof DSLR camera case

Cam Crate - weather proof DSLR camera case
(photos: Cam Crate) Cam Crate – weather proof DSLR camera case | US$50.00 | www.camcrate.com

there are two types of accessories: one that does nothing but improves the aesthetic of your gadgets, and the other, gives a boast to your gadget’s functionality. the Cam Crate here, belongs to the latter. however, i can’t deny that while it will perform its duty of protecting your much treasured DSLR but it also look pretty damn good. perhaps it is the military-like look that draws me to it and like a tough military gear, the Cam Crate is waterproof, mud-proof, crush-proof, and drop-proof. despite being a tough nut to crack (which is good thing for the DSLR you are going rest inside it), it is designed to float on water. it is pretty obvious that i am totally sold, doesn’t it? its outer shell is constructed from a composite material that gives it the toughness, while the interior is laid with soft foam that cushions your camera from any beating. like a good military design, it is given a quick latch for the double quick open and closing, as and when you need. Continue reading Cam Crate – weather proof DSLR camera case

BUILT x A Bathing Ape tech and lifestyle accessories

BUILT x A Bathing Ape accessories 544x311px
(credit: BUILT) Limited Edition BUILT x A Bathing Ape Tech & Lifestyle Accessories | from US$78.00 | www.builtny.com

New York-based design company BUILT has teamed up with Japanese lifestyle fashion brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE) to launch a collection of tech and lifestyle accessories. these tech and lifestyle accessories include Neoprene Sleeve for iPhone 4 ($78), Laptop Sleeve 12″-13″ ($135) and 14″-15″($152), Soft Shell™ Camera Case Small ($65) and Large ($100), Cargo™ Travel Organizer ($83) and Gourmet Getaway™ Lunch Tote ($100). these accessories feature the iconic BAPE camouflage print in green shades on BUILT’s signature neoprene material products. pretty eye-catching stuff if you ask me and plus, the fact that neoprene material is known to be water-resistant, elastic and form-fitting, and has just the right thickness to protect your gadgets from the daily knocks and bumps. another example of a perfect marriage between form and function. the Limited Edition BUILT x A Bathing Ape Tech & Lifestyle Accessories are available exclusively from BAPE stores worldwide and BAPE U.S. website. check out a few more look of this collection after the break. Continue reading BUILT x A Bathing Ape tech and lifestyle accessories

Leica x Paul Smith Leica D-Lux 5 limited edition camera cases

Paul Smith for Leica Limited Edition Case 400x499px
Paul Smith for Leica Limited Edition Case | £200.00 | www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk

Leica has teamed up with renowned fashion designer Paul Smith, to launch two limited edition cases specifically for Leica D-Lux 5 digital camera. two flavors will be offered: a smooth chocolate brown calf leather with the signature Paul Smith vintage multi-stripe on its sides and a light grey, crocodile skin style embossed leather with luxurious purple lining. each flavor will have a limited production run of just 150 pieces. Continue reading Leica x Paul Smith Leica D-Lux 5 limited edition camera cases