Cam Crate – weather proof DSLR camera case

Cam Crate - weather proof DSLR camera case
(photos: Cam Crate) Cam Crate – weather proof DSLR camera case | US$50.00 |

there are two types of accessories: one that does nothing but improves the aesthetic of your gadgets, and the other, gives a boast to your gadget’s functionality. the Cam Crate here, belongs to the latter. however, i can’t deny that while it will perform its duty of protecting your much treasured DSLR but it also look pretty damn good. perhaps it is the military-like look that draws me to it and like a tough military gear, the Cam Crate is waterproof, mud-proof, crush-proof, and drop-proof. despite being a tough nut to crack (which is good thing for the DSLR you are going rest inside it), it is designed to float on water. it is pretty obvious that i am totally sold, doesn’t it? its outer shell is constructed from a composite material that gives it the toughness, while the interior is laid with soft foam that cushions your camera from any beating. like a good military design, it is given a quick latch for the double quick open and closing, as and when you need. all said, it might just be the camera case that makes us wants to bring our expensive DSLR out into the wilderness. well, at least that is true as far as transporting the DSLR is concerned. the Cam Crate is developed by one Matthew Geyster and he is seeking your support to make his awesome creation a reality through Kickstarter. so if you like what you see, head on down to Matt’s Kickstarter page and make your pledge. for a mere $50 (for US backers), the Cam Crate can be yours and to sweeten the deal, that price also includes shipping. a reasonably sum considering how much your DSLR is worth and plus, Matt is totally confident with his product that he is giving the Cam Crate a no questions asked lifetime warranty against anything. a short product video follows after the break.

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Kickstarter via Red Ferret

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