When you hear about a “portable” Bluetooth speaker, in your mind, you’re thinking of something that can comfortably fit in your pocket, like the Xiaomi Sound Move. That was probably the case until 2019 when SOUNDBOKS came out to play and shattered that petite perception.

SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker

SOUNDBOKS is a Danish brand that redefined “portable” by creating a speaker that’s ready to turn your backyard barbecue into a full-blown music festival. We’re talking about a speaker that measures 66 x 43 x 32 cm (25.6 x 17 x 13 inches) and weighs as much as a small child—34 lbs (15.4 kg).

And yes, they called it portable, all thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery that can tag along with you even if you decide to venture into the depths of the Amazon rainforest. It’s like having your own personal DJ in the jungle. Beats dealing with jaguars, right?

Fast forward to today, after three generations of SOUNDBOKS Bluetooth speakers and more accessories than you can shake a boomstick at, those Danish audio wizards are back with their most audacious creation yet—the SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker.

SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker

This beastly speaker boasts not one, but two 10-inch woofers that can shout louder than your uncle at a family reunion, and a 1-inch compression driver tweeter that’ll make your eardrums beg for mercy. They’ve even thrown in three 72-watt amplifiers, some fancy DSP magic with a Bass Enhancer, and a Pulse Reflex Port.

All that tech jargon translates into a speaker that can hit a concert-level 126 dB max volume. It’s like having a rock concert in a box, and you don’t even need to wear earplugs. Jokes aside, prolonged periods of exposure to loud music may damage your hearing in the long run.

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For the sake of partying, or music festival anywhere, this speaker is built rugged. This speaker is so rugged, it could survive a zombie apocalypse (OK, maybe not). It’s splash-proof, sports an IP65-rated electronic coating (whatever that means), and is built tougher than your grandma’s meatloaf.

SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker

Its size hasn’t changed much since the first SOUNDBOKS, but it’s grown a tad heavier—16.1 kilograms (35.5 pounds) of pure party power. With a 40-hour battery life at mid-volume (perfect for those marathon dance-offs), it can keep the party going longer than you can remember those embarrassing dance moves from last night.

Connectivity? You betcha! Bluetooth 5.0, a TeamUP connection for those who want to multiply their sonic awesomeness, and a Pro Panel that looks like it can handle anything you throw at it—microphones, mixers, instruments, and more. It’s even got an app for all you tech-savvy audiophiles who like to tweak things ’til they sound just right.

In a nutshell, the SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker is like Thor’s hammer of portable speakers—mighty, thunderous, and ready to make you the god of the party.

SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth Performance Speaker

It comes in two stylish colors: black and metallic gray, and it can be yours for just US$999. So go ahead, turn your backyard into Woodstock and your living room into Madison Square Garden. Just remember, your neighbors might not share your sense of humor when it comes to late-night jam sessions.


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