This is too good not to share, even if it means this happened six years ago. What you’re looking at are rare images of Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius when he was just a kid, already displaying his tenacious character. Just kidding! Doc didn’t become a human with mechanical appendages until he was a full-grown mad scientist.

DIY Doctor Octopus Halloween Costume for Kids by Luke

What you see here is a Doctor Octopus costume created by a dad named Luke for his son back in 2017. This masterpiece was also his entry into Costume Works’ 2017 Halloween Costume Contest. Luke crafted this amazing creation using craft foam, Eva foam, and foam pool noodles and added some artistic flair with paint from Walmart. It even has a light-up feature, thanks to four LED lights. Absolutely amazing!

Images: Luke via Costume Works.

via Pinterest (Costume Works).

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