Spider-Man: No Way Home Into The Mirror Dimension LEGO MOC By Lego_nuts

Never mind if people said that Doctor Strange’s trippy reality-bending visuals aka the building-bending scenes are, cinematically speaking, “rip-off” of Christopher Nolan’s Inception because it is not quite. It is more than just architecture bending; it is the entire reality that got bent and because it made a return in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Queen Studios Iron Spider Life-size Statue Is Not Quite Tom Holland’s Height, Is It?

Super fan of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with pockets as deep as the blackhole may want to know there is a new collectible based on the Iron Spider suit as seen in the Avengers: Infinity War from pop culture statue maker, Queen Studios.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Official Trailer: A Smorgasbord Of Super-Villains

Remember how we commented that the teaser trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home felt more like a full-on trailer than a teaser trailer that it said it is? Well, the recently posted official trailer made us take back our words. Apparently, we ain’t see nothing yet.

At Over 3 Minutes, Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Feels More Like A Trailer

This is it, folks. The official teaser trailer for the third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie is out. But really, the supposed teaser felt a lot like a full-fledged trailer. At a little over 3 minutes, the Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer has a lot to offer, including the possibility of the multiverse (damn it, …

Daily Bugle From The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Series Is Now A LEGO Set!

The most iconic building in the The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, the Daily Bugle skyscraper, is a LEGO set! This 3,772-piece set towers at an impressive 82 cm (32 inches!) tall and features an intricate version of the iconic newspaper building, complete with the demanding editor, J. Jonah Jameson’s and Peter Parker’s offices.

LEGO Will Be Selling A Buildable Head Of Marvel’s Supervillain Carnage

Is Marvel Spider-Man’s Carnage wearing a helmet? No. That’s his head. But that does not stop LEGO from giving that evil head of his the plastic brick treatment. That’s right, folks. You can build and own a piece of Carnage’s head. I would love to say 76199 is joining the buildable Iron Man and Star …

Don’t Be Alarmed, Comics’ Spider-Man Has Got An Entirely New Costume

I decided to add this to today’s posts because, it was a rude shock to me. Yeah, yeah, it is a brand new costume for the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and it shouldn’t be all that shocking. But, but… it looked nothing resembling the good’ol Spidey’s, IMHO.