Apparently, PlayStation hasn’t prepared enough of the Spider-Man 2 covers for the massive number of PlayStation 5-owning, Spider-Man fans out there. What a shame… or is it? Because, if we can be honest with ourselves, PlayStation 5’s – covers included – aren’t the prettiest.

dbrand Arachnoplates for PlayStation 5

Thankfully, there are skins and third-party covers to save it from becoming a perpetual eyesore in your living. Admit it is a perpetual eyesore because even your cat had one time or another made an attempt on your PS5’s life as it sits nonchalantly on the TV console or shelf.

Anyhoo, in case you did not get your hands on the Venom-themed Spider-Man 2 covers, fret not because dbrand is here to the rescue. Folks, meet the Arachnoplates, a symbiote and web-themed cover in black and red for your beloved PlayStation 5.

dbrand Arachnoplates for PlayStation 5

The covers are essentially the same sleek, rounded design of dbrand’s take on the cover which makes it even sleeker. That’s not to mention how the graphics depict the symbiote seemingly gotten “fanned” out from the ventilation and engulfing the web beneath.

So never mind about the officially licensed bundle set. I’d say get this if you are a true Spider-Man fan. Here’s another reason why: you can make the set even more impressive by ticking the extras like the middle skin and the red lightstrips.

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If you are down, you can secure your set of dbrand Arachnoplates for PlayStation 5 now for US$64.98. The middle skin, which I personally recommend to complete the look, costs an additional US$14.95 and the Red Lightstrips go for US$11.95. Go check it out if you a big Spider-Man fan.

dbrand Arachnoplates for PlayStation 5
dbrand Arachnoplates for PlayStation 5

Images: dbrand.

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