Jammy Co., Ltd., brand owner of Workson and a licensee of many properties in Japan, including the hugely popular Evangelion, has revealed that it will be introducing a line of Evangelion-inspired gaming hardware. The Evangelion gaming hardware will be marketed under a new Evangelion esports brand e: PROJECT.

ammy Evangelion e: PROJECT Gaming Hardware

Not a lot is known about e: PROJECT at this point. All we know now is, it is not a gaming PC per se. It is a line up of gaming PC hardware which will include a PC case, a gaming keyboard, gaming headset, PC fan and gaming keypad.

If I can be honest, the PC case is something that will appeal hardcore Evangelion fan. I am sure true enthusiasts will be able to custom an even more magnificent unit, like, maybe, a PC case in the form of an EVA Unit-01 head. Just saying… Anywho, details will be offering in due course. In meantime, it has got nothing for us.

Image: Jammy Co., Ltd..

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