Two companies have come together to develop a new kind of fire fighting robots. Estonia-based Milrem Robotics and specialist in foam extinguishing, InnoVfoam have joined hands in developing robotic firefighters.

The Milrem Robotics x InnoVfoam Robotic Firefighters can assist human firefighters or they could even replace firefighters in extremely dangerous situations, such as potential gas leaks or risk of structure collapsing.

Milrem Robotics x InnoVfoam Robotic Firefighters

Marrying Milrem Robotics’ unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) Multiscope Rescue and InnoVfoam’s foam proportioning systems and fire monitors, these robotic firefighters rolls on tank-like treads and are capable of pumping out up to 20,000 liters per minute of water of foam to put out fire while firefighters remain a safe distance.

Each unmanned firefighter is outfitted with variety of cameras, including thermal and infrared, as well as sensors to detect gas or chemical leaks. As far as Multiscope Rescue goes, it has a max. payload of 1,200 kilograms and an impressive pull force of 21,000 N.

Milrem Robotics x InnoVfoam Robotic Firefighters

Even better is, it can be outfitted with a variety of payload to meet different mission requirements. There’s even a drone-equipped version which can deployed a quadcopter for a bird’s eye view of the site.

Because the compact size of these proposed robotic firefighters, they are able to move heavy fire hose close to the hot spots even inside structures fire trucks can’t and also avoid putting human firefighters at risk.

You can learn more about these awesome firefighting development HERE. Before you go, you may want to take look at the concept video:

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Images: Milrem Robotics.

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